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Sebastian Massa

Sebby, our fabulous Lead singer, was born, raised, and currently resides in the land next to the highway that connects Boston to New York City (or as it’s more commonly known, Connecticut). An expert in crępes and peanut butter-banana milkshakes, Sebby graduated from Fordham University at some point. Sebby is the most accomplished and experienced Barbershopper of the group. His high school quartet “The Timely Gents” represented the Northeastern District in the 2012 International Collegiate Quartet Contest, making him the only Greenlight member to sing on the international stage in a quartet. They also placed 5th (it was a tie) at the Northeastern District Quartet Contest, after several personnel changes. Sebby is an Associate Director of the Hartford, CT chapter, and serves on the District Board of Directors as the VP of Membership and Outreach. He is also a section leader in his church choir (#teamjesus). Being the oldest member of the quartet by a little bit, Sebby has embraced his informal role as the quartet Step-Dad. He’s good at this role because he tells us what to do now that he has an influence on our lives, but does cool things with us on the weekends so we’ll actually listen to him. When he’s not convincing us to commission Cay Outerbridge for new arrangements, Sebby can be found visiting his girlfriend Aurelia in Texas, eating BBQ in Texas, shooting guns in Texas, or traveling somewhere far away, like Texas. While having to travel the furthest to rehearse with us may sound limiting, Sebby brings a great attitude to the quartet culture, and fully enjoys helping our quartet find its best sound, by force if necessary. All in all, we love Sebby, and he is by far the best Lead in the quartet.

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