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Sam Baker

Along with being the group’s primary vocal percussionist, Sam contributes through arranging and audio production. One of his favorite parts of Radius is having the opportunity to travel and perform in new places. Considering he is an avid ‘Pokémon Go’ player, this also gives him a chance to truly, “catch em’ all.” However, no amount of Pokémon caught or cities visited can fill the hole in his heart when he has to leave his beloved girlfriend and their sweet baby kitten behind.

Outside of Radius, Sam is a dedicated student of psychology. Building on his degree in psychology, he spends his free time immersing himself in books and podcasts, focusing on topics like personality, relationships, and group dynamics. It’s through these studies that he is able to offer a unique perspective to the group, always looking for opportunities to strengthen their connection with each other and their audiences.

2023 - Radius

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