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Dave Guisti

I was born and raised in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and my love for music started in the first grade. I was in the play Pinocchio, where I sang my first solo, "I Got No Strings." I was hooked.

I attended the Boston Boys Choir from 5th to 8th grade where we sang in church everyday. We also took piano lessons and learned music theory. That is when I first met Jon J. We both grew up in Dorchester and often traveled to and from the choir school together on the M.B.T.A.

After performing in many musicals during my junior and senior years of High School, I attended Berklee College of Music. I was a vocal performance major.

I went on to be the musical director at St. Ambrose Parrish in Dorchester, MA. There, I was cantor, director of a children's choir, and performed with the Spanish choir. My time there was one of the best times of my life. I met up with Jon shortly after being at St. Ambrose, and the rest is history. I have been with Ball in the House for many years now. I am still very passionate about what we do. Through our outreach with students, we are able to share all that we have learned throughout our lives with them, hopefully inspiring them to perform - to see that music is cool and you don't have to choose between sports and the arts. You can get involved in both. I try to tell students that music is such a positive way to express yourself. No matter where you are from, how you look, and what your personal beliefs are, music is a beautiful universal language. I am so honored to be part of Ball in the House. My bandmates and I are very lucky guys.

2016 - Ball In The House

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