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Chris Cutler

Chris, like his Lead counterpart, also hails from the debatably New England state of Connecticut, but masquerades as a resident of Massachusetts (seriously, do you even go here?). As the singer of the lowest notes (and that's all he can sing. Don't even ask about other parts...), Chris does much of the heavy lifting in rehearsals. This is not to say that Chris is buff... However, he does run pretty fast. Chris is also the barbershop baby of the group, which means he just does what we tell him to do. Good news is he's a great listener. In past lives, Chris has done notable things such as directing the University of Hartford all-male a cappella group, Hawkapella. Currently, he works for the US DOT. He's really good at finding flutter echos for them. I mean, the guy can walk in a room, clap his hands, and he just knows. Interests include doggos, getting tired simply by being around our tenor for a whole weekend, being our resident GIF-master, and generally having a veritable arsenal of interesting noises to deploy during rehearsals. Of all the quartet members, he's the most normal. There's something to respect there... but the other three don't know what it is we're respecting... because barbershop. Anyway, a tip of that hat to our mighty awesome bass, Chris Cutler!

2019 - Greenlight Quartet

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