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Bakari Holmes

Bakari loves to sing music that grooves, music that moves people, music that is beautiful in its simplicity, complexity, and/or emotionality. He brings a wealth of experience to the group having performed professionally as a keyboardist, lead vocalist, dancer, choreographer, choir director and bandleader, as well as vocal and instrumental arranger. He has a great sense of rhythm and anchors the group with his bass. Growing up in a very musical and technical family, Bakari both enjoys the beauty of the universe as a physicist and musician.

Bakari holds dual degrees in Physics and Software Engineering in addition to various teaching credentials -- having spent over a decade teaching Physics, Engineering, and Music for High School and Middle School. He has been in a slew of acapella groups over the years including being a founding member of two-time Bay Area Regional Acapella champs Business Casual. He is married to his best friend Julie, has two beautiful, spirited children, and currently works full time as a Software Engineer. He is honored to have found musical soulmates in this group!

2018 - Ro Sham Bo

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2014 - Business Casual

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