Mutual Agreement - Male Christian Sextet from Upper Martlboro, MD United States

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2017 Mid-Atlantic Regional

Mutual Agreement

Male Christian Sextet from Upper Martlboro, MD

  • 2017 Mid-Atlantic 2nd place

    In the fall of 1993, six young men formed and a capella sextet called Mutual Agreement, which means "A Covenant with God." Their intention is to spread the Word of God through song, bringing hope, strength and encouragement to all who will listen.

    Each member brings his own individual gifts, talents and creativity to the group. The group uses the human voice as the chief instrument of their performance. Each member mutually agrees that their music ministry will not be kept confined within the traditional walls of the church, their mission field consists of ministering to the sick and shut-in, incarcerated youth and adults, hospitals, evangelistic meetings and wherever there is a need to provide encouragement through song.

    Founded: 1993

    Members: Mark Allen, Gerald Best, Lester Black, James (Slim) Davis, Donald Jackson, Davis Simons

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    Mutual Agreement singing

    Mutual Agreement singing "Mutual Agreement"

    Mutual Agreement, a gospel acapella sextet singing their theme song "Mutual Agreement" at the Springfield Baptist Church of Washington DC.

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    Mutual Agreement: Back To Basics

    Bowie, Maryland-based group Mutual Agreement describes itself in the liner notes as "An a cappella sextet, spreading the word of God through song; and bringing hope, strength, and encouragement to souls everywhere." Smooth, surprising harmonies combine with moving, heartfelt words of praise in the ten songs on "Back to Basix:" "Mutual Agreement," "Battlefield," "Wonderful," "Leave Your Burdens There," "This Day," "Love Lifted Me," "Calvary," "Have A Little Talk," "Everywhere You Go" and "Mutual Agreement." Gospel, spirituals, hymns...however you choose to define the songs, the group's renditions and arrangements are fresh, contemporary and beautifully inspirational. An uplifting first CD by six very talented, spiritual men.

    5339 00 1 CD $14.98

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