Kickshaw - Male Contemporary Quintet from San Francisco, CO United States

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2001 Pacific Northwest Regional


Male Contemporary Quintet from San Francisco, CO

  • 2001 Pacific Northwest 3rd place

  • 2001 Pacific Northwest Audience Favorite

  • 2001 Pacific Northwest Best Original Arrangement
    "Me Gusta la Musica" by Kickshaw

    Kickshaw has been performing in the Northwest for about five years now. They have been involved in hundreds of shows, where each audience is a part of a unique mouth-music experience.

    In early 1997, Kickshaw won first place in the Regional Harmony Sweepstakes competition. This is a title only awarded to nine groups throughout the nation each year. Following the 1997 competition, Kickshaw decided that they were ready to pursue music full time.

    In search of their own sound, Kickshaw began working with some effects to extend their already eclectic repertoire. This addition was an instant hit with their audiences as they were able to create the sounds of a full band, effects and all, with just their voices giving Kickshaw a sound all their own.

    Members: Jim Castaneda, Danny Figgins, Andy Marshall, Blake Lewis, Dan Scheumacher

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    Kickshaw: Put It In The Microphone

    Seattle, Washington-based Kickshaw, 5-man Contemporary a cappella group who've been working on their 'Groovalistic-Funkappella' sound since 1996, won first place in the 1997 Pacific NW Harmony Sweepstakes competition, and decided after a great performance at the Finals that they were ready to pursue music full time. "Put It" has 9 songs (and an intro by one of the group member's little son): "Gavin Intro," "Stand Up," "No," "Pin-Up Girl," "No Tomorrow," "Me Gusta La Musica," "Potatoes and Rice," "The Other Side," "What I Wanted" and "Play!" "Put It" is excellent CD #2, the first was "Superstar." Kickshaw's energetic songs are groove-driven, with crafty vocal arrangements, and they have ability to create the sounds of musical instruments with only their mouths-which makes them a very exciting live group, and "Put It" an a cappella envelope-pushing winner!

    2927 1 CD $14.98

    Kickshaw: Superstar

    Having been introduced to Seattle's Kickshaw in the 1997 Harmony Sweepstakes, we knew this CD was worth our attention, and it has surpassed our expectations. (Seattle's a cappella scene is happening, having also produced m-pact and the Coats). This funky foursome grooves to a dance beat, that's for sure; "Superstar," written by the group, is our favorite, but "Papa Is A Rolling Stone" is a close runner-up. However, Kickshaw throws out several curve balls too - the chant of "Invictus," which reveals a depth and intelligence that goes beyond frilly shirts and disco frivolity. The production is outstanding, some of the best we've heard - "Dance To The Music" a great example, as Kickshaw cops a guitar and drum tone that may even be better than the real thing, and the arrangement is clever. Cool.

    2195 1 CD $14.98

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