Musae - Female Contemporary Sextet from Boston, MA

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2012 Boston Regional


Female Contemporary Sextet from Boston, MA

  • 2012 Boston 2nd place

    Meet Hannah, Angela, Courtney, Jo, and Mel - together they are Musae; America's top Female Vocal Band. Since 2011, members of Musae have made television appearances on NBC's The Sing-Off, MTV's MADE, and ICCA Finals. Musae has headlined some of the most prominent music festivals both in the U.S. and abroad. Members have also written, engineered and produced chart topping tracks for artists around the globe. Alongside their world-class performances, they seek to reach out to and educate young artists and performers through their inspiring, industry-leading workshops.

    Founded: 2010

    Members: Angela Ugolini, Hannah Juliano, Courtney Godwin, Johanna Vinson, Kari Francis, Lauren Barreiro

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    Rhythm Nation

    Rhythm Nation

    Musae performing "Rhythm Nation" by Janet Jackson with a little bit of audience participation at The Eight Beat Measure Chill Beats 2013 Concert

    Top of the World

    Top of the World

    Musae performing their CARA winning "Top of the World" by The Dixie Chicks at The Eight Beat Measure Chill Beats 2013 Concert

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