Hookslide - Male Contemporary Quartet from San Francisco, CA United States

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2001 Bay Area Regional


Male Contemporary Quartet from San Francisco, CA

  • 2001 Bay Area 3rd place

    We are a vocal band based in San Francisco, CA. We perform a high energy mix of mind blowing vocal percussion, booming bass and screaming four-part harmony that is guaranteed to knock you out! We invite you to listen to our song clips, check out our new album, and sign our guestbook. We hope to see you soon at one of our concerts!

    We were recently guests on an episode of the Discovery Channel program MythBusters, where we attempted to put out a fire by singing at it. Look for re-airings of the episode entitled Voice Flame Extinguisher on the Discovery Channel.

    Members: Paul Anderson, Jon Pilat, George Hoffman, Mayank Thanawala

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    Hookslide: Bump It Up

    We have enjoyed San Francisco's 4-man Hookslide's dynamic live show at Harmony Sweep's Regional competitions, at the A Cappella Summit and many local venues. "Bump it Up " is the group's third, and features some excellent original material on these 14 cuts, notably group member Paul Anderson's "Whatcha Wanna Do," "Way Past Down," "Superfriend" (written with group beatboxer Jon Pilat), the silly, sassy "Mr. Funky" (co-written by Anderson and tenor Mayank Thanawala, who personally wrote "Two Ways Out"). Covers of the Doobies' "Long Train Running," Chris Robinson's "Ride," Led Zep's "No Quarter," Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground," Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness," Cake's "Love You Madly" and The Trammps' "Disco Inferno." "Bump it up" is high-energy, fun stuff-an impressive third from local favorites Hookslide!

    7702 1 CD $14.98

    Hookslide: Original Spin

    We've seen Daly City, CA all-male quartet Hook Slide at a West Coast Summit and a couple of Harmony Sweepstakes Regionals, including the 2002 Regional where they missed going to the finals by the smallest of margins. What we saw was a charismatic, talented group with an energetic, beautifully choreographed stage show and a winning combination of covers and excellent material written and arranged by the group. Listening to their debut CD "Original" only reinforces our opinion that Hookslide is going places! Included are mostly songs by the group: "It's You," "Needed More," "Don't Let Me Go," Simple Minds' "Don't You Forget About Me," "What Sin," "Tossed," "Make A Right," "Maybe Next Time," "Waiting," "My Hidden Wish," the driving, manic "Overreacting," a brilliant arrangement of Aerosmith's "Dream On" and "Funkbus." Paul Anderson, Mayank Thanawala, Jonathan Pilat and George Hoffman have a knack of writing and arranging to the strengths of the group, especially Jon's vocal percussion. The liner notes are beautiful and include all the words to the original songs-which is good, because Original Spin" is the kind of CD we'll want to listen to a few times to fully appreciate!

    6979 1 CD $14.98

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