The Blanks - Male Contemporary Quintet from Glendale, CA United States

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2006 Bay Area Regional

The Blanks

Male Contemporary Quintet from Glendale, CA

  • 2006 Bay Area Best Original Song
    "Commandos Attack!" - Sam Lloyd and Paul F Perry

    We're The Blanks, a quartet of friends who sing a cappella music and perform sketch comedy. We love to sing, entertain and make people laugh, so our shows include skits, antics, choreography (the kind a 5-year old could memorize), talking toys as lead singers (!), and mildly effective costume changes. We appeared on eight seasons of the TV show Scrubs as "Ted's Band" or "The Worthless Peons" - yup, we're those same four guys. Our unique live show appeals to fans of Scrubs but just as equally to fans of the TV show Glee, the Marx Brothers, the Three Stooges, and Monty Python.

    Members: George Miserlis, Samuel Lloyd, Paul F. Perry, Philip McNiven, Toluca Lake

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    Blanks: Riding The Wave

    Featured regularly on NBC's hit show Scrubs, where they are known as Ted's Band, this LA-based all male Contemporary quartet The Blanks are a whole lot of fun. We totally enjoyed their dynamic performance particularly the manic "Commandos Attack!," (which won at the Regional Sweepstakes for Best Original Song), which features a talking "action figure," as does "Happy Halloween," which features a talking plastic pumpkin. "Riding" features 34 cuts of various lengths, the shortest being three two-second versions of the notorious 3-note jingle "By Mennen," in G major and D major. The Blanks are big on TV show and sitcom themes, such as "Charles in Charge," The Little Rascals' theme song "Good Old Days," "Facts of Life," "Flipper Theme," "Speed Racer," "Six Million Dollar Man" and the deathless Saturday morning cartoon theme, "Underdog." The invented theme for a fictional cartoon character, "Testy Tiger," returns several times, and a theme is invented for the Broadway show, "The Full Monty." The Scrubs theme "Superman," "The Ballad of Jimmy Durante"-this is all funny, crazed stuff. We admit that we've avoided watching Scrubs for fear of becoming addicted to another great show, but now that we've seen and heard The Blanks, we're tuning in this week. Loads of vocal and comedic talent here-these guys are hot and funny!

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