Euphorics - Mixed Contemporary Quartet from Vancouver, BC Canada

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1999 Bay Area Regional Champions


Mixed Contemporary Quartet from Vancouver, BC Canada

  • 1999 Bay Area Champions

  • 1999 Bay Area Best Original Arrangement
    "Message In A Bottle"

    Listen to: Message In A Bottle | Listen to: I Sing Low

    The Euphorics (U4X) are a joyous, energetic a cappella quartet, who, since 1983, have been delighting audiences internationally on radio, television, and concert stages, at schools, festivals, and special events of all kinds. Individually, members of the Euphories are powerful lead singers. Joani Bye (alto), fronts her own band, the Homewreckers, and her voice has graced countless albums (including those of Bon Jovi, David Bowie, INXS, and Cher). Helen Davis (soprano) leads her own jazz quartet and has backed up Doug and She Slugs, and Kathi Hof Donald. Bing Jensen, bass, long-time Vancouver performer, winner of the 1993 CARAS award for best children's album and the West Coast Music Award for Best Children's album in 1998. David Steele, tenor, is a singer songwriter who has worked with numerous internationally recognized artists. Together, they create a rich and soulful blend with a repertoire of top-notch originals and innovative arrangements of covers in a wide variety of styles. The Euphorics celebrate their passion for music with plenty of humor and dynamic audience interaction.

    Members: Bing Jensen, Helen Davis, Joani Bye, Nathan Aswell

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    Euphorics: Born To Sing

    Two man, two women Canadian Contemporary Quartet the Euphorics, blew us away winning the 1999 Harmony Sweeps Bay Area Regional and gave a great performance at the Finals. We loved their debut album "Standing Up for Love" by have been waiting patiently for its sequel, and now happily hold "Born to Sing" in our hot little hands! The wonderful harmonies and leads by Joni Bye (alto/soprano), Helen Davis (alto/soprano) and Bing Jenson (bass) are as solid and crisp as ever. There is one significant change, the fine tenor of Nathan Aswell, has been replaced by that of David Steele; but we have to say the group is sounding better than ever. "Born to Sing" has 10 songs, beginning with a Curtis Mayfield/Bob Marley medley, "People Get Ready/Three Little Birds/One Love," a very funny group reggae original, "When the Big One Comes," a sweet Lennon/McCartney medley, "Eleanor Rigby/Across the Universe," Billy Joel's "River of Dreams," Richard and Robert Sherman's "I Wanna Be Like You," a nice traditional medley, "Down to the River to Pray/I'll Fly Away/Man of Constant Sorrow," bass Bing's hit from the Sweeps, "I Sing Low," "When the Night Feels My Song," Neil Young's "After the Goldrush" and closing with Stevie Wonder's "As." Every one of these is a winner. The Euphorics have a huge, spirited sound and put on a live show as entertaining as any we have seen. Treat yourself to "Born to Sing," and enjoy!

    2501 1 CD $9.95

    Euphorics: Standing Up For Love

    Our neighbours to the North in Vancouver have treated us to a highly accomplished collection of contemporary songs, of which seven are written by the group themselves. However, to classify the Euphorics as a contemporary group doesn't tell the whole story. In fact, their sound incorporates elements of so many styles, that the result is quite their own. "Tell Them Before It's Too Late" is a revival-style musical sermon that uses the stage as it's pulpit; likewise, "Standing Up For Love" features a soprano part that would do any Southern gospel soloist proud. The Euphorics interpretation of "Bohemian Rhapsody," which as any group of singers know, is a challenging arrangement to execute, ascends into the thrilling crescendo, followed by a freefall into a gutsy "guitar" breakdown. "Message in a Bottle" is uncannily reminescent of the original, given the quality of the tenor lead-it has that same relaxed intensity that Sting is known for. "You Can't Hold On" builds the tension in the verse with a luscious minor sixth chord, resolving to a sunny chorus. "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" is one of the showpiece songs for any vocal group, and The Euphorics don't stray far from the CSN's trademark harmonies, though they do add a repeating bass motif for depth. An impressive opening move for the Euphorics.

    2990 1 CD $12.98

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