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Bay Area

Curious Blend

Curious Blend is two guys and two gals who refuse to be limited to one musical orientation. If we like it, we sing it! A Curious Blend performance is like tapas - tasty bites of different musical flavors. Our repertoire spans 12th to 21st centuries, with songs in seven languages. We are known for our tight harmonies, varied musical stylings, smooth blend, and spot-on humor. From Manhattan Transfer to medieval Iceland, from Claude Debussy to Gene Puerling, from an Irish lament to a rollicking parody - it's all part of an evening with Curious Blend!

Members: Mike Pogue, Craig Rosen, Elizabeth Danu, Sara Nebeling

Side Note

Hip. Imaginative. Fun. Fresh. Funky Fresh. Side Note is a group of seven twentysomethings, from wildly different musical backgrounds, who draw draw their diversity to create an all-new sound. It's contemporary a cappella - pushed to the limits of pop, R&B, funk, rock, musical theater and jazz. Get ready for some buzzin' beats, rockin' riffs and hot harmonies as Side Note delivers a show unlike nearly anything else in vocal music!

Members: Richman Neumann, Gayelan Tietje-Ulrich, Meredith Johnston, Rebecca Holtz, Juan-Carlos Martinez, Philip Daniel Santos, Duncan Boehle


Aca-word consists mainly of high schoolers from Clayton Valley Charter High School. As a group, we focus on producing beautiful music because of our love of singing. We have performed for many school events as well as our local community. We mainly cover pop songs, always adding on new ideas to the original arrangement and we love expanding our creativity and musicality with new arrangements. As young performers, we provide a fresh, unique outlook on our pieces that we hope to bring to this competition. Although we may be “Aca-word” teenagers, we do not sound “Aca-word” when we sing!

Members: Daniel Jones, Arthur Jones, Diego Lopez, Nate Baumbach, Andrew Knauer, Sarah Brumfield, Ashley Franich, Madison Simbirdi


Founded in 1996, Solstice is a female vocal ensemble specializing in music written by women or for women's voices. Our music spans many different genres with an emphasis on world, classical, pop, and jazz. We are also committed to performing new works for women's voices and regularly compose, commission, and arrange new songs.

Solstice has performed in many Bay Area venues including Freight and Salvage, La Pena, the San Francisco Community Music Center, Music on the Hill, the Berkeley Arts Center, Trinity Chamber Music series, and Villa Montalvo. Solstice has also performed on KALW's Folk Music and Beyond On-Air Folk Festival. Solstice was a featured performer at the 2001 West Coast A Cappella Summit along with nationally known groups such as the Bobs and M-pact. At the 2007 San Francisco Regional Harmony Sweepstakes, Solstice was awarded 1st Place and Becca Burrington's arrangement of Joni Mitchell's "Blue" won Best Original Arrangement. Solstice ranked 3rd at the 2007 Harmony Sweepstakes National Competition.

Members: Becca Burrington, Kim Warsaw, Emily Bender, Sara Webb-Schmitz, Lark Coryell, Krista Enos

Halfway to Midnight

Halfway to Midnight is a co-ed band of musical misfits who, having missed the thrill of the a cappella world and desiring an outlet to strengthen our individual instruments, serendipitously found each other in the midst of the great big beautiful Bay Area and begun gathering weekly to share in the blend of our voices together. Our life stories are as varied as our voices yet we find common ground in our love of instrument-free music-making and we truly hope you like what you hear.

Members: Alicia Florr, Michael Barrientos, Gonzalo Alonso, Scott Adler, Shanna Bengtson, Vivek Saraswat, Elana Zizmor

La Di Da

La Di Da, formed about 5 years ago, seeks to bridge the gap between traditional barbershop and modern a cappella singing through a range of standards, jazz, doo wop and contemporary music. Our aim is to appeal to the widest possible audience with the recognizable and the new, presented in close harmony to the highest musical standards.

Members: Diane Copp, Rose Jensen, Mary Martin, Lucy Williams


The Newyorkettes are the all female a Cappella Beauty-Shop Quartet, singing songs from the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's. They have been paying tribute to The Andrews Sisters, The Shangri-las, and The Ronnettes since the group was formed in 2005. They have performed all over NYC, including Times Square Studios for Disney, the U.S. Ironman Championship, Susan G Komen cancer walk, the ING New York City Marathon, and for the The New York Mets on the field at Shea Stadium.

Members: Anita Reyes, Karina Salcedo, Clarissa Salcedo, Ayesha Rosena Anna McGowen

Six in the City

With varied backgrounds in folk, classical, musical theater, and more, it was the discovery of barbershop and Sweet Adelines International that brought them together. These barbershop chorus and quartet medal-winning singers are branching out into the "greater than 4-part harmony" a cappella world and the result is a fresh sound with that infamous blend that comes from being a group of experienced barbershoppers!

Members: Alisa Peters, Kelly Sopher, Molly Sopher, Michelle McGinnis, Aliza Gutman, Dana Manochi


Ball in the House

Following in the path of classic harmony groups like Boyz II Men, The Temptations, and Take 6, with a mix of the classic and the contemporary, the five-member vocal band Ball in the House brilliantly blends a wide range of influences, from classic R&B to pop, hip-hop & gospel. With their extensive tour schedule (averaging 250 dates a year), Ball in the House reaches millions and is arguably one of the hardest working, most successful indie bands today. They have performed with such artists as The Beach Boys, Gladys Knight, The Jonas Brothers, Jessica Simpson, Fantasia, Blondie, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, KC & The Sunshine Band, Kool & the Gang, and numerous others. All a cappella, but a sound that will astound and amaze you. 5 Guys, 5 Voices, THAT'S IT... A review from the Boston Globe put it very succinctly - "Ball in the House has everything you would expect to find in a successful pop/rock band....the one thing it doesn't have is instruments."

Members: Jon Ryan, Dave Guisti, Monterio Hill, Wallace Thomas, Benjamin Detty

Phonic Uproar

Phonic Uproar was founded at the University Of Dayton and features six male vocalists. The group has performed in various venues including church conferences, university functions, and concert settings. This eclectic ensemble derives its roots in various genres such as Motown, R&B, Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz, and many others.

Members: Jelani Stokes, Josh Forman, D.j. Yantis, Garrett Woods, Joel Sullivan, Brandon Hrkman

Satellite Lane

Satellite Lane is a Long Island-based a cappella group that currently belongs to the Contemporary A cappella League. Made up of seven teachers, Satellite Lane specializes in spreading a cappella education to music programs and performing spontaneous original compositions. In March 2013, Satellite Lane competed in the New York Regional Harmony Sweepstakes, where they won "Audience Favorite," "Best Arrangement," and a special "Honorable Mention" for originality. Currently, they are working on their first studio album and several original music videos.

Members: Christine Benedetti, Andrew Duca, Andrew Fallu, Evan Feist, Rachel Karmel, Melanie Malusa, Marc Silverberg


Bostonality is a Boston-based a cappella group comprised of young professional 20-somethings who share a passion for music and performance.

Members: Andi Goodman/Janice Nosal, Ben Lang/Kamisha Ferreira, Brittany Stein/KC Beauregard, Dan Cormier/Mike Defelippo, Evan Desrochers/Sarah Hill, Garrett Little/Susie Ruppe, Jeff Bliss/Tien Tran, Jane Margolis

Sound Off

Formed in 2013, Sound Off is an award-winning semi-professional a cappella group based in Boston, MA and proud member of the Contemporary A Cappella League (CAL). We are young men and women from all different career fields brought together by an unabashed love for a cappella music and performance. While we perform regularly around the Greater Boston area, Sound Off continues to develop a diverse repertoire of modern pop with a soulful twist.

Members: Liz Mongrello/Diana Galeano, Leah Caruso, Eileen O'Hara/Emily Parker, Melisse Hinkle/Megan Kettman, Pearse Lombard/Paddy Dennen, Will Finlay/James Cannon, Kevin Guest/Tyler Gravelle, Jon Lavalley

Boston Accent Quartet

Boston Accent just can't seem to get enough of singing together, so they are members of Sweet Adelines International and Harmony, Incorporated - two international organizations of female barbershop singers. In November 2006, BA won the coveted gold medal at Harmony, Inc's International competition in Jacksonville Florida! In May of 2010, 2012 and 2013 they won first place in the Sweet Adelines North Atlantic Regional competition and competed internationally in Honolulu, HI. Their CD, CROWNED AND DANGEROUS, has been hailed as a "vocal symphony with an ACCENT on fun and entertainment".

Members: Ruth Berman, Cheryl Brusket, Julie Jeffery, Karen Rourke

Mixed MetaFour

Supriya and Jennifer sing together in a women's barbershop quartet. Manoj and Daniel sing together in a men's barbershop quartet. Together they are Mixed MetaFour, singing SATB charts (and some custom Manoj arrangements!) that push them beyond their barbershop roots. When not attending high school, singing with one of her several groups, or perfecting her awesome "cups" routine, Supriya is proud to call Manoj "Dad". (He just calls her "Supriya".) Jennifer and Daniel are delighted to make music with this father-daughter team!

Members: Supriya Padki, Jennifer Blair, Manoj Padki, Daniel Schwartz


Saffron, formed in January of 2015, is a four-part female a cappella group whose focus is barbershop, but who also delights in singing minor and dissonant chords. Just 3 months after formation, Saffron was awarded fourth place at the Region 1 Sweet Adeline competition in Springfield. MA. All four members sing with the Region's Champion chorus , Harmony on the Sound, which has competed at International competitions numerous times. Baritone, Penny, has competed at the International quartet level 4 times. Christine, Amanda and SueBee have each had multiple quartetting experiences. These girls love great harmony and great friendship!!

Members: Christine Bulgini, Amanda Fowski, Penny Schroeder, Susan Berry (SueBee)


Fermata Town

Founded in 2009, Fermata Town is now the newest member of the Contemporary A Cappella League (CAL). Inspired by the wealth of new talent in the a cappella world, we have worked hard to find our voice and put a unique stamp on the Boston a cappella scene. We pride ourselves in our original arrangements, the sound that we produce, and our ability to maintain a healthy balance between our music and active lifestyles.

Fermata Town was officially founded during the spring of 2009 stemming from the break up of the all male Boston based group The Testostertones (Boston). The founding duo of Dan Campagna and John Baptista recruited former Testostertones Dave Carr and Nathan Pierce to join forces and find other interested singers who shared the same passion for a cappella music. Be it through word or mouth, internet advertisements and craigslist posts - Fermata Town was able to quickly establish itself as one of Boston's freshest co-ed a cappella groups to hit the streets.

Members: Melissa Abreu, Dan Campagna, Mandy Cook, Rusty Epstein, Anna Miller/Liz Mongrello, Alex Margarite/Chris Giordano, Becky Vinci/Sarah Spinella, Sean Fortney/Johnny DelToro

80's A Cappella Prom

It's tubular to the max! The a cappella 80's dance experience that is 100% neon nostalgia. Guaranteed to be RAD.

Members: Hannah Judson, Kate Moreland, Marcus Yetter, Mister Tim, Peter Figment

The Double Agents

The quartet that hops straight off the screen of Saturday morning cartoons, and Sunday afternoon spy movie double features: meet the Double Agents. We are watching your every move. We will bring you back to the living room rug of childhood, when a bowl of Oreos and milk, a pair of x-ray specs, and a Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D comic was all it took to make you master of your domain. Do not adjust the horizontal. Do not adjust the vertical. We are in control. We will take you where you need to go.

Members: Mariama Torruella, Sean Archer, Beena David, Vince Wallace

Double Date

Double Date is a quartet made up of two couples. We are the current World Mixed barbershop quartet champions. We met in choir at the University of Missouri - St. Louis and started the group in 2012. We've been sharing our love of music through performance, competition and education ever since. We sing a variety of styles, with lots of barbershop in the mix.

Members: Blair Brown, Michaela Slamka, Nathan Johnston, Ravi Raghuram

The Innocent Men

The Innocent Men is a seven member a cappella group comprised of studs from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire's all-male choir, the Singing Statesmen. The group was formed way back in 1985 and has been running strong ever since. The Innocent Men have provided top-notch singing and below-average humor as entertainment to literally thousands, although not at the same time.

Members: Jacob Techmeier, Kaynen Harris, Logan Johnson, Matt Laudenbach, Jerot Ritter, Sam Bijou, Spencer Kopp

The Northsiders

The Northsiders are a high-energy, expressive barbershop quartet whose members boast roots in contemporary a cappella and doo wop as well. They took the silver in Chicago Metro Chorus' recent barbershop quartet competition and have performed for beer launches and on the TV show Stanley On the Go! They perform traditional and original arrangements.

Members: Loren Shevitz, Steve Schoultz, Noah Miller, Oliver Merrill


ShadowVox is an a cappella “Man Band”. Combining 30+ years of a cappella performing, ShadowVox will capture your attention with soulful, soaring, charismatic vocals that will inspire and amaze. Based in Sheboygan, WI, ShadowVox members have performed a cappella music on several continents and nearly every state in the US. Even though ShadowVox may be an up and coming artist, the impact they’ve made so far is undeniable. Acclaim from the likes of Take 6’s Claude McKnight, Deke Sharon, Ben Bram (producer for Pentatonix) and Tim Foust of Home Free, speaks to the volume of talent in this group.

Members: Chad Bahr, Aaron Herman, Ben Dixon, Josh Harrison, Luke Coles

The Vocal Liberation Front

The Vocal Liberation Front (VLF) is comprised of Kelly High School students from the heavily immigrant, gritty Brighton Park neighborhood on Chicago's southwest side. Despite 97% of students living in poverty, the vocal music program at Kelly High is ranked #4 in the state by the Illinois High School Association . VLF is directed by dynamic and engaging teacher Eric Skalinder, a former full-time professional a cappella performer with a graduate music degree from Northwestern University, who has dedicated his talent and experience to providing urban youth with high quality music opportunities in public education.

Members: Vasette Valdez, Jason Cao, Roberto Rodriguez, Emilio Alfaro, Calista Brown, Ivan Monter, Margie Rosario, Krystal Bell

Los Angeles

Top Shelf Vocal

Formed in 2011, Top Shelf Vocal is a semi-professional a cappella group based in Los Angeles, California. We are young men and women from all different career fields brought together by a love for vocal music and performance. While we perform regularly around the Greater Los Angeles Area, Top Shelf continues to develop a diverse repertoire of a cappella and accompanied songs with a modern twist.

Members: Jacob Robison, Leticia Gonzalez, Chaka Jaliwa, Katharine Shiota Duarte, Taylor C Baker, Jason Rees, Natasha Laraway, Anthony Brian Galang

Bent Pitch

Established in 2010 as an all-female trio, Bent Pitch has since evolved into a coed ensemble of 8 passionate, proud and unpredictable people who share a desire to spread their love of a cappella throughout San Diego. No song is off limits for Bent Pitch. With each performance, the dynamic group aims to blur the boundaries of entertainment with creative covers and meaningful interpretations of yesterdays favorites and today's hits. On any given night, you may find Bent Pitch busking on the bustling streets of the Gaslamp Quarter, adding some aca-awesome music to the Finest City Improv stage, or belting out the National Anthem for the San Diego Derby Dolls. The 2016 Harmony Sweepstakes in Los Angeles will mark a double-milestone as the group’s first competition and first performance outside of their home city of San Diego.

Members: Vanessa Teixeira, Robert Gordon, Matt Hemler, Vander Turner, Beverly Baker, Robyn Hartung, Allen Hopkins, Kris Celario


Five voices, one outasight sound! This quintet likes to hit you out of nowhere with songs and arrangements you never saw coming. With influences ranging from opera to pop/rock to jazz to musical theater to singing in the shower, Blindside explores the outer limits of a cappella. Driving drums, booming bass, soaring solos, and not a single instrument in sight. Above all, Blindside aims to have fun and take the audience along for the ride. Buckle your seat belts and prepare to be blindsided!

Members: Jourdan Rystrom (Mezzo), Jay Long (Tenor), Tim Baptiste (Baritone), Chris Jones (Bass), Sean P. Gorecki (Vocal Percussion)


Dynamic is a newly formed 8 member a cappella group from sunny San Diego, CA. The group consists of previous members from the collegiate a cappella groups at San Diego State University. Dynamic's goal is to blend r&b, pop & EDM with a cappella to create a new genre of music. Dynamic aims to bring the club to a cappella. With their colorful personalities and powerful singing, Dynamic will get you dancing in your seat.

Members: Perry Lee, Linda Wang, Naiomi Clinchard, Jason Nagata, Grayson Coney, Alessja Morales, Joey Erece, Matthew Ignacio


M6 - (formally Minor 6) is a group of talented young singers ages 14-16 who love to harmonize. The group rehearses weekly at Coast Music Conservatory in Hermosa Beach, and they have performed at the Hermosa Beach Pier, Saint Rocke, Culver Studios and more! They love a wide variety of music and are inspired by the many great vocal groups including The Real Group, Take6 , Singers Unlimited, Pentatonix and Level. m6 is so excited to be back performing at the Harmony Sweepstakes again this year!

Members: Ella Papouchado (Soprano), Natalie Bogert (Soprano), Kira Levin (Alto, Emily Dietz (Alto/Tenor/VP), Jeremy Adler (Tenor/Baritone), Cooper Breus (Baritone/Bass)

Ms Cellaneous

Ms. Cellaneous Quartet - all share a common love of four legged creatures, road trips and Jack In The Box tacos at 3 am. Put it all together and you have four ladies who like to live, laugh and love life to the fullest via their barbershop harmony! Together since 2010 and all members of Sweet Adelines Region 21, we've placed as high as 2nd in this highly competitive region.

Members: Chris Robertson, Mary Slade-Branham, Sarah Slade-Branham, Susan Phinney


West Side 5

West Side 5, an award-winning vocal jazz ensemble based in New York City, is known for its refined sound and sophisticated approach to jazz. Inspired by greats like Manhattan Transfer, New York Voices, and The Real Group, WS5 has crafted its own unique sound, characterized by highly original arrangements, complex harmonies, and outstanding musicianship.

The group formed in the summer of 2009, bringing together five old college friends on the west side of Manhattan. They immediately garnered acclaim, winning the Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes while being voted Audience Favorite and winning Best Arrangement for "Pure Imagination". They went on to be featured artists at the SingStrong A Cappella Festival, and have performed alongside groups including Blue Jupiter, Streetcorner Symphony, and The Bobs, as well as for Mayor Michael Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion in New York.

Members: Eric Hughes, John Mcmahon, Kelly Green, Artemisz Polonyi, Dylan Pramuk

Catch 22

Catch 22 is a vocal band that specializes in "your dad's favorite rock songs." The members met through their work in other vocal groups in the North Carolina area and began singing together in 2012. Catch 22 focuses on fun, entertaining songs - songs you would find yourself singing along to on the radio.

Members: Scott Feldmann, John Hanna, Ashley Trantham, Mike Masinick, Ken Purchase, Ken Matz


As its name suggests, Uncommon isn’t just another contemporary a cappella group. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, this eclectic semi-professional septet draws inspiration from RVA’s legendary indie music scene to create a vocal sound all its own. Since its founding in September 2013, Uncommon has performed at a wide variety of venues and events including the U.S. military base at Fort Lee, Richmond’s Valentine Museum, and SingStrong DC’s ACA-IDOL competition. The groups debut single “Sally I Can See You” (featuring the original lineup) will be available on Loudr and iTunes in early 2016.

Members: Elise Ellen Patterson, Alexa Therese Bratton, Victoria Gayle Ficco, Austin Robert Archer, Mark Andrew Cole, William Nicholas Kazas, Michael Lewis Marcus

Vox Pop DC

Vox Pop is a mixed-voice vocal band based in Washington, DC. Using only their voices to produce high quality a cappella music, each member brings their own unique sound and style to enhance your listening enjoyment. Our mission is to entertain audiences with soulful melodies, tight harmonies, and a beat that can't be denied.

Members: Anna Lee, Brian Brandler, Kirsten Babin, Kara Christ, Christopher Little, Anderson Wells, Amy Wesolek, Benjamin Parker

Trolley Stoppers

The Trolley Stoppers are four guys who are passionate about singing a cappella. No musical genre is off-limits for us. We do a little doo-wop and a little Billy Joel; some folk songs and some madrigals from the 16th century. We'll try anything, as long as it has a good tune, appealing harmonies, interesting lyrics—and we enjoy singing it. We chose the name "Trolley Stoppers" in honor of the trolley that runs down the middle of the main street of our town (Media, Pennsylvania).

Members: Wayne G. Harvey, Bob Yarbrough, Jeff Busa, George Alexander

Young Men of Faith

We are Young Men of Faith of Savannah Ga. , A Young Gospel Soul acapella group, we were blessed with many gifts, to sing acapella, harmonize, sing with music, write & Arrange songs, we all are cousins & we come from a singing family, we do a lot of traveling ministering at gospel events, churches & Tv shows in different cities & states, we have a great bond with each other & we have a lot of Fans with a great following, we have been on The Bobby Jones Gospel show, Atlanta Live, America's Got Anointing, & The Apollo, We are not signed yet but there are many labels that are interested in Signing us. We are also getting ready for our 5th Anniversary Concert Which is Jan.23,2016. We have been through alot in our life, coming up struggling & we turned to music because that's what we love to do, at 1 point of time it was 6 of us , then went on to 5, things happened then there we're 4, which leads to us today, but our cousin Dre said he think he's about to start his own ministry, so by the time we be on this show it may only be 3 of us, but if its the lords will, we are going to Bring it so get Ready for Y.M.O.F . We Also Have 2 Facebook Fan pages over 1,000 LIKES on Both Type in ( Young MEN of Faith ) & ( Young Men of Faith ), Looking Forward to hearing from you guys soon God Bless.

Members: Jamal King aka Molly Mal, Ricky Coleman aka Ricky C, Marlon Bryant aka LB, DeAndre Allen aka Dre Day

New York


Stiletta is a NYC-based, all-female sextet combining pop leads, dance beats and hip-hop choreography. In 2016, the ladies of Stiletta were crowned National Champions at the 32nd Annual National Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival, winning in every possible award category: First Place, Audience Favorite, Best Arrangement, and Best Original Song. This enormous accomplishment came on the tail end of having won First Place and Audience Favorite at the 2015 Mid-Atlantic and 2016 New York Harmony Sweepstakes competitions, as well as Best Vocal Percussion and Best Arrangement. Stiletta members boast multiple Off-Broadway and voice-over credits, WAMMY and CARA awards, original cast recordings for “Memphis” and “Dora the Explorer,” a top rank at the Beatbox World Championships and a half-decade directing the Single Singers at SingStrong A Cappella Festival. These ladies have the moves, the grooves and even the shoes. So get pumped!

Members: Judy Minkoff, Haley Clair, Stevi Incremona, Jaymee Frankel, Olivia Harding, Meghan “MC Beats” Costa
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Founded in 2013, Bactrack is quickly defining itself as a powerhouse a cappella group throughout it's hometown, New York City, and beyond. This five member group performs a variety of music, with an emphasis on covers of today's top pop music. Bactrack was originally forms to produce YouTube videos, and since its founding, the group has gained over 4.1 million views and 42,000 subscribers. Expanding from it's YouTube origins, Backtrack now performs live and has taken the stage at various New York City venues.

Members: Mallory Moser, Melissa Jordano, Austin James, Andrew John Kim, Spencer Polanco

The Lost Keys

The Lost Keys are a New York based coed a cappella group, bringing a soulful sound to contemporary and classic pop music with the goal of creating a musical experience that entertains and inspires audiences of all ages. Many of the group members came to New York City to find themselves, and in the process, we found each other. Our shared love of a cappella created a sense of community that we strive to bring to every venue where we perform.

Members: Jamie Serkin, Rachel Weinstein, Jenny Baik, Deanna Giulietti, Sarah Peck, Joe Martinez, Andrew Gutterson, Peter Lam


New York City's Jazz R&B group, Feedback is a collection of professional musicians who have been seen and heard by millions around the world - both live and via broadcast. Turning artists like Usher and Beyonce on their head, the group pushes the boundaries of both jazz and R&B. With unique arrangements, tight harmonies, and world class vocals, Feedback has wowed audiences across the country. Feedback is thrilled to be returning to Harmony Sweeps!

Members: Sam Nulton, Michael Gullo, Doug Larsen, Garrett Philbin, Mark Martin, Alec Galambos

The Atiles Sisters

We are four sisters ages 11 through 17 and we sing special arrangements of hymns, patriotic and broadway songs in 4 part harmony. Our musical friend/Director Steve Mugglin writes all of our arrangements. We also sing, act and dance in plays/musicals during the summer and winter seasons.

Members: Elena Atiles, Miranda Atiles, Sofia Atiles, Kayla Atiles

Famous Janes

Famous Janes is a NEW Female A Capella Quartet that epitomizes the best of Barbershop, while specializing in performing songs of the heart. Famous Janes was proud to compete at the Sweet Adelines International Competition and is already qualified for next year's International Competition after being together a few short months!

Members: Susan Taylor, Jen Kuethe, Harriette Walters, Amanda Clements


Quintet delivers a mix of classic vocal jazz a cappella and contemporary harmony. Comprised of an eclectic and seasoned cadre of music professionals, the 5-voice group features first-class, modern arrangements of the Great American Songbook’s finest composers.

Members: Jacqueline Duryea, Stephen Gleason, Marc Silverberg, Christine Tamer, Yuki Yamaguchi

Pacific Northwest

Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark found each other by individually answering the same craigslist ad, all with a common love for singing a cappella music. Hailing from all over the US and beyond, this is a truly unique group of musicians, with backgrounds ranging from college a cappella and opera, to touring chorales, barbershop, and musical theater.

Founded in 2012, they hit the ground running, placing as a finalist in the Lady Antebellum A Cappella Cover Contest in their first year. The following year, they received second place and best arrangement at the Harmony Sweepstakes Pacific Northwest Regional. The group continues to evolve, even around careers, families, and busy schedules. Our goal is for you to love what you hear! busy schedules. Our goal is for you to love what you hear!

Members: Lara McCloud, Mark Engelberg, Beth Davis, Chad Heise, Peter Asante, Ann Trigg, Kyle Yeversky


Rezonate The premiere a cappella group from Eugene, Oregon, the gentlemen of Rezonate sing R&B, Gospel, Pop, Soul, Jazz, Funk, and even some Hard Rock, including deftly arranged covers and original songs. The group started singing together as Rezonate in December 2004, and have sung at many venues since. At the Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals in May of 2009, Rezonate won both Third Place and the coveted award for Best Original Arrangement. With thick, lush, true six and seven part harmonies and a difficulty level second to none, Rezonate can evoke the smooth sounds of the Four Freshman, the rockin' edge of the Goo Goo Dolls, or the pop excitement of acts like Bruno Mars and Owl City.

Members: Tyson Biggerstaff, Jason T. Caffarella, Justin Diller, Chris Dobson, CJ Mickens, Jason Simms, Suzie Metzger

Restless Vocal Band

Restless is living proof that good things do happen in the Craigslist ads.Professionals by day and a cappella nerds by night this vocal band has a blast entertaining. Fairs, schools, corporate events, surprise proposals, weddings, and even the random street corner, these friends just like to get out and sing! RVB is all about fun, but also strongly believes in giving back to the community. They can often be found partnering with, and performing for, groups such as Susan G. Komen Foundation, Old Dog Haven, Seattle Brain Cancer walk and many others.

Members: Brian Kirkness, Jordyn Meeker, Sean Braxton, Sean Payne, Bill Schnieder, Erik Eliason, Angelo Allard


SeaNote is an a cappella band that came together in mid-2013 from two different college a cappella groups at the University of Washington in Seattle (Furmata & Awaaz). The quintet strives to put a fresh and unique spin on new and old Top 40 hits through incorporating each members musical niche, whether it be classical, jazz, hip hop, rap, pop, alt-rock, or soul. SeaNote loves making great music, having an awesome time, and hopes to entertain a cappella enthusiasts everywhere! You can catch SeaNote year round performing at local gigs, UW functions and charity events all over the Greater Seattle Area.

Members: Amanda Tran, Isaiah Lin, Lucy Liu, Michael Kibbe, Shaheer Aftab

20/20 A Cappella

20/20 is a rising group in the Northwest A cappella community. They keep themselves busy singing at private events like weddings, proposals, dinners, and any type of celebration in the area. These men have big goals for 2016 and it starts with Harmony Sweepstakes! A memorable performance in 2015 propelled them into a year they will never forget and they aim to do the same in 2016.

Members: Theo Olson, Ben Rice, Isaiah Ragland, Matt Mayrhofer, Jacob Cecil

Four Get Me Nots

The Four Get Me Nots Quartet is a women's barbershop quartet formed in December of 2012. Rachel Murphy, tenor, teaches middle school choir in at Dimmitt Middle School in the Renton School District. She is also Karen's former student. Jessica Jones recently joined The Four Get Me Nots singing lead. Her dad, Larry Hassler, and her grandpa, Jack Lyon, sang together in The Most Happy Fellows, the men's 1977 International Champions. Karen Caldwell, baritone, is a substitute teacher and former choir teacher. She directs The Harmony Kings, the men's barbershop chorus in Federal Way. Bethany Frerichs, bass, teaches Spanish at Ballou and Stahl Junior Highs in Puyallup. She also sings bass in Jet Cities, a women's barbershop chorus in Federal Way, and is Karen's daughter.

Members: Rachel Murphy, Karen Caldwell, Jessica Jones, Bethany Frerichs

Over Time

2000 International Senior Barbershop Quartet Champions. This foursome has been together for 14 years. We've performed in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, California, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Michigan. We sing many original songs written by our lead and arranged by our baritone.

Members: Gary Raze, Jerry Harrison, Mel Knight, Bud Roberts


A foursome that hails from Sedro-Woolley, WA and Vancouver BC, VITA has been together since 2012. Coming from the world of barbershop (All belong to the award winning Westcoast Harmony Chorus), VITA sings a wide range of Barbershop, jazz, pop and anything else interesting that catches our ear. Having competed in Sweet Adelines International regional competitions VITA was thrilled to win 5th place medals in the region representing Western Canada this past May. A Musician, Administrator, Nursing Professor and Software Implementer, VITA comes from a divergent background to blend together as a harmonious whole.

Members: Jackie Baron, Lisa Hills, Barbara Peachey, Rebecca Wright


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