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Bay Area

Side Note

What do a publicist guy, a teacher, a nurse, a start-up employee, a social worker, and an architect have in common? A love of a cappella music and performance! Formed in February of 2014, Side Note began as a group of USF Voices alumni who wanted to continue singing and performing outside of their college groups. They teamed up with a few a cappella enthusiasts in San Francisco to become the group you see today. With music arranged by group member Richman Neumann, their sound and music choices are mostly pop and indie music that is well matched to their musical tastes and talents. They are excited to share their music with you today and look forward to continuing to perform in San Francisco and beyond!

Members: Hannah DeKay, Deidre Doyle, Danny Sherman, Philip Daniel Santos, Richman Neumann

Artistic License

Artistic License is a Barbershop quartet with a smooth sound, deep musicality and a lighthearted, professional style that audiences easily respond to. Dedicated to furthering the barbershop style and making it accessible to audiences everywhere, Artistic License is the 2011 champions of the highly-competitive Far Western District of the Barbershop Harmony Society, an honor won in our very first attempt!

In addition to being a sought-after show headliner, the group is also a competitive quartet, having finished as high as 11th in the world. Based in the greater Sacramento, CA area, Artistic License enjoys performing for audiences throughout the country!

Members: Todd Kidder, Rich Brunner, Jason Dyer, Gabe Caretto


A delightfully anachronistic vocal quartet, Constellation sings an eclectic bundle of quirky custom arrangements and classic barbershop tunes. These four dapper gents reach for the stars and travel far -- sometimes literally, often metaphorically -- in search of musical adventure, and revel in sharing the treasures they've unearthed in their three years of singing together. Constellation: A stellar combination.

Members: Mark Torrance, Bill McCain, Allen Takahashi, Jordan Johnson

Butter Babes

The ladies of The Butter Babes, Lark Coryell, Becca Burrington, and Alexis Lane Jensen, discovered their love of singing luscious, 3-part harmonies with each other when they were all members of the Grammy Nominated Pacific Mozart Ensemble. At the behest and encouragement of their audiences and fellow singers, they decided to move beyond PME's annual A Cappella Jazz & Pop concerts, and take their show on the road (as it were)!

Individually, they have sung with such organizations as the SF Symphony Chorus, Oakland Chamber Chorus, Solstice (previous Harmony Sweepstakes regional champions), The Mirabai Ensemble, SF/Grand Tetons Festival Chorus, VoiceCraft, West Edge Opera, Oakland Opera Theater, Lamplighters Musical Theater and The Merrie Olde Christmas Carolers. Together, they hope to spread their buttery sound over the whole Bay Area and beyond!

Members: Becca Burrington, Lark Coryell, Alexis Lane Jensen

Rue Claire

Rue Claire is a close-harmony vocal-trio sisterhood, although only two are related. Mother-daughter combination Susan Miller and Rebecca Rand trade high and middle parts, while Theresa Madeira rounds out the trio as the alto foundation for bluesy-folky selections that range from bluegrass to Appalachian, and from Gershwin to contemporary indie.

We are driven by a common love of beautiful music no matter the genre, and are bound by mutual respect for what each of us uniquely brings to the expression and art. Founded in the Bay Area in 2012 as an a cappella group, we continue to explore our sound and expand our range, adding new arrangements and original songs to our playlist. All the while, a cappella remains at the core of our collective soul and we are humbly excited to bring our passion to the Harmony Sweepstakes.

Members: Susan Miller, Rebecca Rand, Theresa Madeira

Paradox A Cappella

Created by Circle of Life Theatre, Paradox A Cappella is a professional, San Francisco-based pop-rock vocal band of singers, both with and without disabilities, making music with just our voices and no other musical instruments. Why the name "Paradox," you ask? It's because... this shouldn't work, and yet it does. There exists no other vocal band anywhere in the world made of singers with and without disabilities, of such diverse ethnicity, with an age range from 20's to 50's, AND who get along so harmoniously and who make music as well as we do. Period.

WE DO NOT CAST DISABILITY; WE CAST TALENT, but we recognize and accommodate every "dis" (disability, disorder, disease) in any degree, so if an incredibly talented, solo-worthy singer has any "dis" in any degree... we will go to any length and do whatever it takes or costs to include that singer in our band. Currently, members of our band live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Chronic Migraines, Glaucoma-Blindness, Severe Physical Injury, Spinal Fusion, Anxiety, Depression, Alopecia, and Skin Cancer. And yet, we can sing. We sing our hearts out! And... WE. WILL. ROCK. YOU.

Members: Fritz Lambandrake, Cliff Reilly, Nisha Cory Anand, Maria Morlino, Cephra Stuart, Heather O'Brien

Business Casual

Business Casual is a five-person powerhouse performing a wide range of genres including funk, folk, pop, soul, and R&B. Their diverse musical backgrounds each lend something unique to the group. Fueled by a highly combustible mixture of hunger, talent, and passion for music, Business Casual brings the formal and the funk, the heart and the smart. Their recently released EP, "Eyes on Me" is available on Loudr, iTunes, and Spotify, and through their website: www.BCvocals.com.

Members: Jacob Chamoun, Emily Ross, Ryan Cook, Danny Cavero, Cassie Greene

Count Me In

Count Me In is a newly-formed a cappella group based in the South Bay. We perform original pop tunes, as well as fresh arrangements of rock, pop, and soul. The women and men of Count Me In came together as friends in 2015 after singing in various groups around the Bay Area. We hold day jobs that run the gamut-from students to doctors to engineers to professional musicians-but at the end of the day, we have found a unique blend, harmony, and energy singing together. Our songs and arrangements reflect diverse modern styles. The group is excited to debut at the Harmony Sweepstakes in 2015 ... thanks for counting us in!

Members: Chris Pilcher, Carlos MacMillan Fuentes, Mitchell Allen, Will Skaff, Michael Wang, Caroline Klink, Caitlin Hernandez, Sharnee Nichols

Midnight Jazz

Midnight Jazz is an a capella vocal jazz sextet from Milpitas High School in Milpitas, California. The group is made up of members of MHS's award-winning Glee Club, Encore! The group was formed in November 2014 out of a desire to sing tight a capella harmonies at a very high level. They are mentored and coached by Prime Time's Dan McQuigg, and hope to continue to be a young a capella force in the Bay Area for many years to come! Midnight Jazz is excited to be competing for their first time in Harmony Sweeps!

Members: Aly Bennett, Ca-Zao Bui, Ruth Park, Devin Ralph, Tin Nguyen, Alex Driggers


Harmonic North

Harmonic North is led by composer and producer James Meyers (tenor), joined by Bill Eddy (tenor) and Warren Tessier (baritone/bass). All three are trained in classical vocal performance, with extensive backgrounds in contemporary A Cappella - including the founding of Boston vocal band Five O’Clock Shadow in 1991. Rooted in jazz, classical and pop styles, influences include the King's Singers, The Mills Brothers, Manhattan Transfer and Bobby McFerrin, with a trace of Beethoven and Bach.

Members: James Meyers (tenor), Bill Eddy (tenor), Warren Tessier (baritone/bass)

The Connotations

The Connotations have been singing together in and around Northampton since 2008. Though original members have moved on and new members join to fill our harmonies, we have always stood by our one and only creed: Singing while having fun with friends makes the harmonies that much sweeter. The Connotations have had the honor of singing at multiple benefits, town fairs, hospitals, and festivals in Western Mass. A usual performance could include motown, pop, spirituals, and anything in between...but it will always include our desire to let people in on our secret: the only reason we have day jobs is because no one has signed us yet.

Members: Allison Smartt, Janra Roberts, Mareika de Haas, Wryan Butler, Sarah Harvey, Hannah Ekwere, Helen O'Hara, Beckie Markarian

Fermata Town

Founded in 2009, Fermata Town is now the newest member of the Contemporary A Cappella League (CAL). Inspired by the wealth of new talent in the a cappella world, we have worked hard to find our voice and put a unique stamp on the Boston a cappella scene. We pride ourselves in our original arrangements, the sound that we produce, and our ability to maintain a healthy balance between our music and active lifestyles.

Fermata Town was officially founded during the spring of 2009 stemming from the break up of the all male Boston based group The Testostertones (Boston). The founding duo of Dan Campagna and John Baptista recruited former Testostertones Dave Carr and Nathan Pierce to join forces and find other interested singers who shared the same passion for a cappella music. Be it through word or mouth, internet advertisements and craigslist posts - Fermata Town was able to quickly establish itself as one of Boston's freshest co-ed a cappella groups to hit the streets.

Members: Melissa Abreu, Dan Campagna, Rusty Epstein/Liz Mongrello, Chris Giordano/Anna Miller, Alex Margarite/Becky Vinci, Taylor Meltzer/Sarah Spinella, Tracy Robertson/Philipp Walzer

Dorothy Mantooth and the Saints

Dorothy Mantooth and the Saints (DMaTS) was formed in 2012 and is without a doubt Albany’s newest a cappella sensation for people over 40. But don’t let this apparent newness fool you - the Saints have a combined total of 5 million years of a cappella experience, and are veterans of the largest a cappella stages to include the Harmony Sweeps finals and ICCA finals. DMaTS enjoys singing for food, beer, and making you laugh. Just don’t ask them to run any marathons because that ain’t happening. Members: Nate Altimari (guy w/beard and pot belly), Dave Rudnick (giant beard w/o pot belly), Ryan Haig (handsome guy), Carlton Able (ebony handsome guy), Al Orbinati (token bald guy), Don Ferlazzo (tall guy), Josh McMahon (short guy), and Darrell Belch (also short). DMaTS: Your favorite a-cappella group for a night.

Members: Al Orbinati, Nate Altimari, Don Ferlazzo, Ryan Haig, Dave Rudnick, Darrell Belch, Josh McMahon, Carlton Able

Mixed MetaFour

Supriya and Jennifer sing together in a women's barbershop quartet. Manoj and Daniel sing together in a men's barbershop quartet. Together they are Mixed MetaFour, singing SATB charts (and some custom Manoj arrangements!) that push them beyond their barbershop roots. When not attending high school, singing with one of her several groups, or perfecting her awesome "cups" routine, Supriya is proud to call Manoj "Dad". (He just calls her "Supriya".) Jennifer and Daniel are delighted to make music with this father-daughter team!

Members: Supriya Padki, Jennifer Blair, Manoj Padki, Daniel Schwartz


Quintet delivers a mix of classic vocal jazz a cappella and contemporary harmony. Comprised of an eclectic and seasoned cadre of music professionals, the 5-voice group features first-class, modern arrangements of the Great American Songbook’s finest composers. Lead soprano, Christine Tamer, offers an uncompromisingly pure solo voice and technique that is the hallmark of Quintet’s sound. Alto, Jacqueline Duryea, is a highly sought-after vocalist and performer in NY where she has recorded and performed with the leading club-date acts for over a decade. Counter-tenor, Stephen Gleason, is a college professor, veteran NYC guitarist, vocalist and music director who lends-a-hand in arranging and curating the group’s repertoire. Tenor, Marc Silverberg, is a denizen of the contemporary a cappella scene and renowned clinician, with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things “a cappella”. Virtuoso pianist and bass, Yuki Yamaguchi, cultivated his early career accompanying opera singers in Japanese conservatories. He is now celebrated as a NYC jazz recording artist, regularly performing in top NYC venues, such as Birdland and The Blue Note.

Members: Marc Silverberg, Yuki Yamaguchi, Stephen Gleason, Christine Patti, Erica Tamburo


Timepiece was formed on December 16, 2013—a chilly winter night—on a stairwell in Boston University's College of Arts and Sciences. In their first year alone, Timepiece has captured numerous accolades, including the 2014 Northeastern District Quartet Championship, as well as the privilege of representing the Northeastern District (NED) at the 2015 Barbershop Harmony Society International Open Quartet Contest in Pittsburgh, PA. Timepiece identifies as a "KIB-ber" (Keep-It-Barbershop) quartet, and, as such, primarily sings barbershop arrangements from the 20th century—they pay homage to the quartets and the chord-ringing from barbershop antiquity. On top of cherishing their own bright, brassy, ringing sound, the quartet loves getting lost within the power of the music they sing—a trait inspired in them by the last NED gold medalist quartet: Boston Common.

Members: Francesco Logozzo, Kadin-Seth Binkley, Travis Roy, Rodrigo Alvarez

The Uninvited Bridesmaids

Four female warrior voices came together from various other post-collegiate Boston a cappella groups to form the eclectic quartet that is the Uninvited Bridesmaids. We like to think of ourselves as the love child of Sara Bareilles and Kristen Wiig and collaborate on reimagined arrangements of contemporary pop songs.

Members: Jane Margolis, Brittany Stein, Eileen O'Hara, Liz Mongrello


No Big Deal

A newcomer to the a cappella world, No Big Deal comes from Chicago, IL and brings a refreshing change of pace to the idea of quartet singing. While they base themselves in the roots of quartet a cappella (barbershop, doo-wop, vocal jazz), they don’t shy away from contemporary sounds and popular music, effectively blending the old and new to create a strong and exciting sound to listen to. Coming from Chicago’s incredible theater community, all of the members of No Big Deal can be seen acting around the city, and have performed individually with such companies as Chicago Shakespeare, Pride Films and Plays, Barrel of Monkeys, Filament Theater, and the Beverley Arts Center, where they worked together to portray the Plaids in their Holiday show, Plaid Tidings. No Big Deal takes their many talents and combines them on stage for a truly entertaining experience.

Members: Sam Button-Harrison, Nick Druzbanski, Andres Enriquez, Ryan Westwood


Remedy comes from different ends of Ohio to form the University of Dayton's first a cappella group. When they are not captivating their audience, Remedy enjoys spending time together as a group. From many walks of life and representing a vast number of majors, the group discovered camaraderie and harmony instantly. Remedy hopes to entertain and captivate the audience with their memorable performances.

Members: Hannah Snow, Holly Gyenes, Shelby Searcy, Caitlin Pearn, Kerry Speed, Trevor Rosenbaum, Matt Radford, Jon Besecker

Vocal Chaos

Vocal Chaos is an award-winning a cappella group from right here in Chicago! They have been making incredible music all over the Windy City since 1996, from Soldier Field and Cellular Field to Chicago Public Radio. They can also be heard singing a cappella in the Jennifer Aniston/Vince Vaughn movie "The Break Up". To foster collaboration and promote the art form of a cappella, they founded ACappellaFest, which in its eighth year has grown into the Midwest's largest a cappella festival. Vocal Chaos is thrilled to be back at the Harmony Sweepstakes. Look for their new EP to drop later this year!

Members: David Nadolski, Patrick Hockberger, Owen Stevenson, Zachary Watts, Tim Mao, Eric Fenton, Steve Moore, Richard Pridgen

Listen Up!

Listen Up! has delivered harmony, humor and vocal pyrotechnics for 22 years as the "house band" (sans instruments) of the Greater Chicago Jewish Folk Arts Festival. The quartet brings warmth and sheer vocal power with a confident, easy manner that wins hearts (and ears) of audiences of all ages. "Our music creates a special connection", says musical director, Steve Singer. "We are building that relationship from the first note... to energize and inspire. By the end of the show, we're family." With wit, humor and diverse Jewish musical traditions, Listen Up! leaves no audience unaffected by their performance.

Members: Shayna Elliott, Steve Singer, Freddie Feldman, Eli Taylor

Counterpoint Loyola

Counterpoint is Loyola University Chicago's premier competitive co-ed acapella group! They personally arrange and energetically perform a diverse range of music to feature at concerts, competitions, and on albums! Counterpoint provides not only a creative musical outlet for members and listeners, but take pride in sharing themselves with Chicago! Beginning as a conversation about the musical opportunities for Loyola University Chicago, a small group of students already involved in the acapella scene at Loyola found that the community was missing one component...competition! Counterpoint was born out of a call for musical excellence, a competitive atmosphere, and a performance like none before it. After hand selecting founding members and an amazing turnout of auditions for new members, Counterpoint fought for and won recoginition with the Student Activities and Greek Affairs board. Now, they are on a mission to continue the momentum they started with and provide a great experience for audiences and members. They have lofty goals that will most definitely be met with a "Get It Done" attitude for competition, recording, and arranging like never before.

Members: Collin "Bleu" Pullums, Paityn Korner, John Bialis, Kathryn Habecker, Ayla Ciccone-Burton, Rosie Bross, Chloe Antrobus, Joseph Kraemer

The Innocent Men

The Innocent Men is a seven member a cappella group comprised of studs from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire's all-male choir, the Singing Statesmen. The group was formed way back in 1985 and has been running strong ever since. The Innocent Men have provided top-notch singing and below-average humor as entertainment to literally thousands, although not at the same time.

Members: Jeremy Steinmetz, Kaynen Harris, Matthew Laudenbach, Jerot Ritter, Spencer Kopp, Sam Bijou,

The Vocal Liberation Front

The Vocal Liberation Front is from Kelly High School, a non-selective, neighborhood school on Chicago's southwest side. Though the teenage singers are members of Kelly Cantantes, a traditional school choral ensemble, VLF explores experiences outside typical high school classical repertoire. VLF sings for packed houses at Kelly High School, throughout the Chicago's Brighton Park community, and for local elementary schools to advocate for increased music opportunities for the youth of Chicago. Its members have sung with the Chicago Public Schools All-City High School Chorus and have entertained on ABC 7 News, for The Chicago Board of Education, and at Voices of the Future benefit concerts for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Members: Vasette Valdez, Jason Cao, Roberto Rodriguez, Emilio Alfaro, Calista Brown, Ivan Monter, Margie Rosario, Krystal Bell

Los Angeles

Premiere A Cappella

Premiere A Cappella is LA's newest all-female powerhouse created to push the boundaries of all-female a cappella through their innovative, bold musical choices and style. Formed in April 2013, Premiere has emerged on to the LA music scene with a diverse repertoire ranging from contemporary pop and country to R&B and alternative rock. Balancing their commitment to the group with individual professional careers, these talented ladies each bring a unique musical background to the table. When the girls are not busy performing around LA, they enjoy bonfires on the beach, karaoke nights, and obsessing over The Sing-Off.

Members: Meron Mogos (Bass), Jessica Gottdank (Alto/Soprano), Caroline Ferrari Cronin (Soprano), Sara Steinberg (VP, Alto), Kirby Welsh (Alto/VP), Melissa Henrie (Alto/Bass), Katharine Laursen (Soprano)

Swing Shift

Swing Shift styles itself as a vocal jazz/pop sextet. The group’s signature sound is their rich harmonic treatment of jazz, pop, and Broadway standards. They appear locally at clubs and private parties. Appearing at the LA Harmony Sweepstakes in 2004, Swing Shift was honored with the best arrangement award for "Where is Love?" And again in 2011, the group won best arrangement for its jazz version of “This Heart of Mine.” Our roster has drawn over the years from the SMC Vocal Jazz ensemble including three of the present roster (Sandra, Dakota, and Richard). We are proud that many of Swing Shift’s alumni have gone on to advance their professional careers in such prestigious ensembles as the LA Master Chorale, Aurora, New Directions, and LA Choral Lab. If you like lush sounds, complex harmonies, and creamy-smooth blend, you’ll love hearing this group.

Members: Sandra Pehrsson (soprano), Anne Palmer (soprano),, Janette La Bella (alto), Dakota Lee Martinez (Tenor), Phil Azelton (Baritone), Richard Gilinsky (Bass)


Award-winning Frequency is a vocal band founded in 2009 and dedicated to performing songs from the 70s to today with a focus on the story in the music. Music is part of the living soundtrack of our lives-the music that plays in the background of important moments and that we associate with our most important memories. With a passionate and thoughtful delivery, we take the audience on a personal trip through music they know and grew up with, inviting them to remember the moments and experience the emotions all over again. Like the old analog radio frequencies that first delivered many of these songs, all-vocal Frequency brings the audience a reminder of some of their favorites.

Members: Jenny Swoish, Marleena Barber, Emily Simmons, Elan Jimenez, Bradley Hampton, Tom Keyes, Gabriel Arguello

The Bluesettes Quintet

All jazz musicians, The Bluesettes Quintet breathes new life into current popular tunes utilizing a modern jazz sound, featuring a vocal trio as well as a vocal rhythm section. The five members work together to create new, innovative arrangements with a retro feel, striving to preserve the classic jazz style of the 1930s and 1940s.

Members: Ian Brekke, tenor/vocal percussion, Katrina Kochevar, soprano, Miko Shudo, alto, Rachel St. Marseille, soprano II, Riley Wilson, bass


Flipside's been entertaining folks for years with their simple style and unique arrangements of audience favorites. "We just have so much fun with this! The real joy is in sharing it with the people that come to see us." Based in Orange County and performing mainly around the southland, they go wherever the music takes them. From cafes to concert halls - rock, jazz, R&B, and more - Flipside's got something for every audience.

Members: Colleen Cowley - Soprano, Linda Cicino - Alto, Jay Welch - Tenor, Kenny Kurtz - Bass

Minor 6

Minor 6 is an a cappella group comprised of talented 14 and 15 year-old singers who met at Coast Music Conservatory. They may be young, but they take their music seriously. The group loves to sing a variety of music including pop, jazz, classical and rock styles. Their videos "All of Me" and "Thriller" have received almost 30,000 views on Youtube. The group's influences include the Pentatonix, The Real Group, The Singers Unlimited, New York Voices and many more. They are thrilled to be part of this incredible competition.

Members: Samantha de Gyarfas, Gracie Bernard, Kira Levin, Emily Dietz, Jeremy Adler, Maxwell Rohde

Red Harmony

Based in Los Angeles, California, Red Harmony tailors its selection of songs to the voices and personalities of its singers in order to present a fresh and original performance. Each member brings a very unique style, specialty, and energy to the table, creating a synergistic culture where ideas are shared and creativity is celebrated. From accompanying each other with rhythmic vocals to reveling in crunchy jazz chords, Red Harmony creates a personal experience with every note.

Members: Mandy Wilson; Soprano I, Marissa Dubois; Soprano II, Elizabeth Matson; Alto I, Leah Hamilton; Alto II, Aaron Schumacher; Tenor I, Ryan Espinosa; Tenor II, Nate George; Baritone, Christopher Thaxter; Bass


RockNacappella is a vocal performance group specializing in pop, rock, musical theatre, gospel, and patriotic selections. The program was founded in early 2014 by their 17-year-old arranger and director, Lindsay Ryan. In a relatively short amount of time, the group has garnered a lot of success and attention. RockNacappella performs at concerts, events, and ceremonies all around the Los Angeles area, including the Pantages Theatre and the GRAMMY Museum, and they have appeared on KCAL9 and CBS-LA. RockNacappella’s performers at Harmony Sweepstakes are 13 to 17-years-of-age, and they are well supported by twenty-six other talented performers in their full group.

Members: Lindsay Ryan (VP/Mezzo), Connor Hahm (Bass), Matt Villar (Baritone), James Meske (Tenor), Grace Hyland (Alto 2), Maddie Roberto (Alto 1), Lizzy Keiser (Soprano 2), Kailei West (Soprano 1)


King's Post

King's Post is a mixed vocal ensemble which performs pop and pop culture music. While many of their songs have a strong affinity towards geek culture, they can stray into jazz and rock classics as well. No matter what the song is, irreverence and fun are alpha and omega of the group's repertoire and style.

Members: Jordan Truesdell, Richard Sherman, Jennifer Nardine, Karl Speer, Eric Brown, Christine Gnieski


This NYC-based, all female sextet is known for combining pop leads, rich harmonies, and hip-hop dance moves. Stiletta members boast multiple off-broadway and voice-over credits, and everything from WAMMY and CARA awards, to original cast recordings for "Memphis" and "Dora the Explorer". Beatboxer, MC Beats made a show-stopping entry into the beatbox community in 2012 when she was ranked 3rd best female beatboxer in the world at the Beatbox Battle World Championship in Germany. Stiletta's director, Judy Minkoff, also directs both the DC and Chicago Single Singers at the SingStrong a cappella music festival. Stiletta is dynamic, high-energy, and these ladies will show you they have the moves, the grooves and even the shoes.

Members: Judy Minkoff, Haley Clair, Meg Lanzarone, Jaymee Frankel, Olivia Harding, Meghan Costa
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HALO is a new barbershop quartet of Harmony, Inc! Jasmine (bass) and Nadira (lead) are currently studying classical voice as dramatic sopranos at Morgan State University and Shana (tenor) is an alumna of the same program. Niambi (baritone) and Shana are sisters, and have been singing together since they could talk. They currently sing Motown and rock in an oldies band based in Boston, The Regressions. HALO was featured in the pre-show at the National Tree Lighting 2014 and will compete in Area 3 with Harmony, Inc in May to hopefully be the first all African American quartet on the HI international stage!

Members: Nadira France, Jasmine Barnes, Shana Oshiro, Niambi Powell

The Lobby

Known throughout the DC a cappella scene Mallory Zuckerman, Olivia Brice, Anderson Wells, Warren Zentz, Ben Parker and Chris Abramson have been wow-ing audiences on their own and in various groups for most of their lives. In late 2013 an idea formed and they decided to join forces to see what they could accomplish! The Lobby prides themselves on their high powered solos, collaboration driven arrangements, and dynamic rhythm section, but most of all they love to perform and bring audiences their own brand of pop a cappella.

Members: Mallory Zuckerman, Olivia Brice, Anderson Wells, Warren Zentz, Benjamin Parker, Chris Abramson

Orfeia Vocal Ensemble

Orfeia is an all-woman vocal ensemble dedicated to preserving and sharing traditional music from Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. Orfeia's repertoire spans the rich and varied vocal traditions of Eastern Europe, from traditional village songs to sacred chants, with origins from the Middle Ages to modern day. Founded in 2006 by artistic director Tatiana Sarbinska, Orfeia shares the unique harmonies, ornamentation, and rhythms of Balkan music through performances and workshops in the mid-Atlantic region and in Bulgaria.

Members: Rhonda Kranz, Elin Zurbrigg, Diane Weinroth, Sarah Allard, Michelle Morrison, Carlendra Frank, Louise Mundstuck, Tatiana Sarbinska

Pitches Be Crazy

In simple terms, we are a cover band rockin' some of the biggest hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. We bang around with our instruments (aka, our voices) and make music that will have you saying, "OH SNAP, That's my jam!" Edgy and raw in our arrangements and presentation, we add those juicy harmonies and bone rattling percussion and bass old school, making PBC Acappella very unique across the a cappella landscape.

Members: Zadoc-Lee Kekuewa, Leslie Kekuewa, James Parker, Aida Ruiz, Chris Macinkowicz

New York

The Current

The Current is a 13-member mixed a cappella group hailing from New York City. We pride ourselves on our repertoire, which is as diverse as our members (who have day jobs ranging from ad exec to life coach to music therapist). You can find us singing on our YouTube channel, at private events like engagement parties and proposals, and even on the occasional city bus or street corner.

Members: Megan Walsh, Liz Furze, Marissa Lubin, Nicole Sorice, Russ Feinberg, Joe Pratolongo, Steve Pribis, Arin Sang-urai

Crosstown Vocal

Crosstown Vocal is a young, exciting ensemble comprised of native New Yorkers and vocalists who moved here to pursue the dream. We are a professional opera singer, a lawyer, a theatre actress, a hedge fund analyst, and a PR professional, a mix truly representative of this city's special je ne sais quoi. We focus on contemporary and pop music with its own special twist on each song. We are fun, upbeat, and talented, and it is our goal to share the music with as many people as possible.

Members: Lindell Carter, Lyle Jacobsen, Mark Sobel, Eric Walpert, Rachel Ewy, Kate Fields, Maggy Kucera, Matt Brown

The Lost Keys

The Lost Keys are a New York based coed a cappella group, bringing a soulful sound to contemporary and classic pop music with the goal of creating a musical experience that entertains and inspires audiences of all ages. Many of the group members came to New York City to find themselves, and in the process, found each other. Their shared love of a cappella created a sense of community that they strive to bring to every venue where they perform. Join the Lost Keys experience!

Members: Jamie Serkin, Keiji Ishiguri, Andrew Gutterson, Jerry Lieblich, Joe Martinez, Peter Lam, Jenny Baik, Colleen Clancy

Satellite Lane

Satellite Lane is a Long Island-based a cappella group that currently belongs to the Contemporary A cappella League. Made up of seven teachers, Satellite Lane specializes in spreading a cappella education to music programs and performing spontaneous original compositions. In March 2013, Satellite Lane competed in the New York Regional Harmony Sweepstakes, where they won "Audience Favorite," "Best Arrangement," and a special "Honorable Mention" for originality. Currently, they are working on their first studio album and several original music videos.

Members: Marc Silverberg, Christine Benedetti, Andrew Duca, Andrew Fallu, Melanie Malusa, Evan Feist,

Low Key

Whether its classic doo-wop or current pop hits, Low Key loves to sing anywhere and everywhere, bringing that barrel aged, high hopped blend that gets people out of their comfort zones and into a new sonic experience. Since beginning in 2011, Low Key has grown in scope and artistry, winning third place in 2013s NY Harmony Sweepstakes and performing in a stream of private gigs and public performances across the NY Metro area. From Rockwood Music Hall to private celebrations to the Mulberry Street sidewalk, the Low Key Effect takes ahold of friends and strangers alike.

Members: Sam Orleans, Will Moller, Josh Springer, Mike Ogurick, Cheiku Camara, Ben Piper, Adam Zamora

Sirens of Gotham

Performing right in the heart of Manhattan, Sirens of Gotham is a fresh take on women's a cappella music. These ladies perform various genres ranging from classic standards and music theatre to contemporary pop, but specialize in Barbershop Harmony. Sirens harmonize weekly to prepare for performances throughout the New York City area.

Members: Sam Bunting, Debbie Chen, Celia Smith, Helen Brew, Meredith Didlake, Marie Marinan, Rebecca Marcus-Monks, Artemisz Polonyi

Spare Change

Spare Change is a select group of members of Ten and Change, one of NY's oldest all male a cappella groups. Singing original arrangements of soulful classics and contemporary hits, Spare Change will fill your ears with harmony. Prepare to have fun.

Members: Josh Springer, Ken Browne, Danny Jeong, Danny Lee, Mike Estler, Cheiku Camara, Jeff Stover, Tyler Simmons

Pacific Northwest


20/20 is a group of wildly attractive young men from Ellensburg, WA. They've set their sights on the Sweepstakes and they aim to entertain. These gentlemen have opened their eyes to the majesty of a cappella music, and hope to share their serenades with the sightly members of the audience. Let them show you a few things about love as they leave it all on the floor tonight.

Members: Theo Olson, Ben Rice, Isaiah Ragland, Jacob Cecil, Matt Mayrhofer

Straighter Road

Singing is one of the purest art forms. Nothing man made between the artist and the audience. Straighter Road was formed as a Gospel vocal group first, with a band back-up, and recently has ventured down the Acapella Road. The challenge of acapella sing is without edges and joined with the charge of spreading the Good News of the Gospel, keeps Straighter Road striving for excellence.

Members: Diane Trandum, Lynn Knight, Jerry Leith, Chris Nelson, Aliya Kunz, Mary Kunz, Kevin Kunz

Bodacious Ladyhood

Bodacious Ladyhood is a Seattle-based trio of women who have been singing together since 2002. Carolyn, Loretta and Jenny are excited to be back for their fourth time at Sweeps, having placed in the top three in their prior three appearances! They have opened for The Baudboys and have performed at Chateau Ste. Michelle (and on live, national radio) as guests on "A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor." They have been called "distinctive", "vibrant-voiced", and "show-stopping." Bodacious Ladyhood is three parts harmony, one part comedy and a whole lot of fun.

Members: Carolyn Hastings, Loretta Deranleau Howard, Jenny Buehler

High Altotude

High Altotude is a female a cappella group made up of seven members from Cleveland High School. The group was founded in 2010 by a few girls in the choir department at Cleveland who felt there needed to be a female counterpart to the male a cappella group, Cloud Nine, made up of nine young men from different high schools around Portland. High Altotude’s original director gave the position up at the end of last year to our current director, Aranda Furth, who has been a joy to have as a leader. High Altotude performs around Portland at various locations such as Providence Child Center, The Pittock Mansion, and Portland State University.

Members: Molly Carpenter, Lillian Sweeney, Lilley Carroll, Laura Young, Maiya Coleman, Rain Pollock, Aiden Lester Ingram,

Peppermint Twist

Peppermint Twist Quartet is a women’s barbershop quartet with a refreshing sound. We are part of Sweet Adelines International, a worldwide organization for female singers. We truly love to perform and sharing our love of music with many audiences. We are fun, sassy and a little bit unexpected. We are the best of friends and believe that comes through in our music!

Members: Robin Osborn, Debra Aungst, Shelly Bristow, Angie Whitten


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