#FOURTY4B - Mixed Contemporary Septet from Irvine, CA

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2014 Los Angeles Regional Champions


Mixed Contemporary Septet from Irvine, CA

  • 2014 National Finals Best Original Arrangement
    “Heaven” - Grayson Villanueva - #FOURTY4B

  • 2014 Los Angeles Champions

    We sing smooth, soulful, & feel-good a cappella. It all started in the living room of a little apartment, wanting to sing. Combining our different music backgrounds and styles, we formed an a cappella group named after our apartment number. We laugh, we dance, & we play because expression is our shared passion. We are #FOURTY4B."

    Members: Jeanette Mangilit, Cara Blaxton, Jin Puertollan, Grayson Villanueva, Amer Quilala, James Moore, Monica Mandapat

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