Fretless Quintet - Mixed Contemporary Quintet from Portland, OR

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2012 Pacific Northwest Regional

Fretless Quintet

Mixed Contemporary Quintet from Portland, OR

Fretless is five friends with similar taste in mixd drinks and a cappella. The four fellas in Fretless attended the University of Oregon and sang together in the all male collegiate a cappella sensation On The Rocks. After several years they found themselves up in Portland together itching to hit the stage once again. With a distinct lack of tenors, they employed Alli Magee, friend and fellow connoisseur of harmony to complete the five-person ensemble. Fretless is one year young and has performed everywhere from the street corner to The Alberta Rose Theater with a cappella veterans The Coats. We are excited to continue on our path of melody and mixology and hope to have the opportunity to engage the audience at this years Harmony Sweepstakes.

Members: Greg Barkett, Alli Magee, Jim Klein, Cody Curry, Jeremy Davidson

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