Traces - Female Contemporary Quintet from New York City, NY

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2011 New York Regional Champions


Female Contemporary Quintet from New York City, NY

  • 2011 New York Champions

    With their expansive vocal range, vocal dynamics, tight harmonies, "female bass" and hard hitting percussion, this NY based group offers a variety of musical styles and continually push the envelope of female vocals. Their wide range of musical influences-Gospel, Contemporar, Christian, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Spirituals, Caribbean and African, just to name a few-has lead them to create a unique style all their own. Over the years, the group has had some amazing experiences including singing churches, colleges, prisons and festivals

    Members: Keesha Gumbs, Sherene Campbell, Gbianka Kotee, Tamika Gumbs, Cindy Valerus

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    I'm Every Woman

    I'm Every Woman

    I'm Every Woman by Whitney Houston Traces cover The Sing Off Season 5 Holiday Special

    Nobody Love

    Nobody Love

    This is Traces(Sing Off! 5) from NYC. Here is our official music video/cover of "Nobody Love" originally by Tori Kelly :-)

    One of Us

    One of Us

    Traces singing "One of Us." Arrangement done by Jamal Reed and Rafael Smith.



    This is Traces (Sing Off Season 5) from NYC! Here is our cover of "Sledgehammer" originally by Fifth Harmony! *Be sure to listen with good headphones to hear dat rhythm section*

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