No Strings Attached - Mixed Collegiate Octet from Decatur, GA

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2009 Chicago Regional

No Strings Attached

Mixed Collegiate Octet from Decatur, GA

One dark, stormy night in 1994, in the seedy underworld of the Champaign-Urbana streets, 9 undergraduates met in hopes of creating a group of superheroes to bring back the light of day to the University of Illinois. They stood for truth, justice, and most importantly: Jazz. —-They were...No Strings Attached! Through their heroic musical dedication and general superhero sexiness, No Strings Attached has since captivated numerous audiences in need of their a cappella prowess across the country and beyond. Though they represent a variety of majors, the line-up of No Strings Attached shares a common bond—-a passion for music—-that they strive to reflect in any style they perform. Most of all, they stand out as a beacon in the silent darkness to make a cappella (especially jazz) accessible to (and enjoyable for) everyone.

Members: Becka Ryan, Kimmy Schofield, Lauren Yang, Brendan Best, Philip Bergman, Case Carvell, John Paul Nichols, Leslie Goldberg

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