The Akafellas - Male Contemporary Quintet from Olympia, WA

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2008 Pacific Northwest Regional

The Akafellas

Male Contemporary Quintet from Olympia, WA

The Akafellas are from Olympia and have been together since 1997. One of our first Harmony Sweepstakes appearances was in n1999 where we won 2nd place as well as best original arrangement. In years since, we’ve returned a few times and some members have come and gone.. and come back again. We are still having a great time and looking forward to making more, fun music together for many years to come. We still love singing all kids of music from Doo-wop to Pop to Rock to Country to everything in between. We are all every excited about getting to perform with all of the great groups at Harmony Sweepstakes again.

Members: Kurt Fralick, Jon Murdock, Tony Benjamins, Michi Imamura, Jon Morgan

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