Tied A Cappella - Male Contemporary Sextet

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2003 Pacific Northwest Regional

Tied A Cappella

Male Contemporary Sextet

Tied A Cappella was formed in October 2002. Their diverse style consists of modern contemporary and pop styles as well as original compositions. Members of the group originate from four states in the Northwest region: Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Utah. Ryan Brierley, the vocal percussionist, finds himself with great job security since we can’t afford a drum set. James Case, “The Super Bass”, constantly seeks companionship through his Barry White impression. Todd Becraft, the baritone, thinks hair is overrated, and thus has none. Ben Wischmeier, the lead tenor, is single. Scott Tavares, tenor, is the glue that holds our sound together—at least that is what he tells us!. Finally, Branden McKnight, sings sky tenor and will gladly take on any soprano.

Members: Scott Tavares, Ben Wischeimer, Todd Becraft, James Case, Branden McNight, Ryan Brierley

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