Woogie Women - Female Contemporary Trio

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1991 Bay Area Regional

Woogie Women

Female Contemporary Trio

On a vacation in SF in 1987, Andrea and Rebecca did some spontaneous singing on board a cable car and caused such a sensation, they were compelled to put together a performing vocal group. Back home in Manhattan, they added Lizz and the trio dazzled audiences on the streets at Rockefeller University, in central park, at sorority clubs and private parties, on the radio, at Ultra Violet's book publishing ceremony, and on the Manhattan subway. The group broke up when the members' "careers" took them far away from New York, and by coincidence, they all ended up in San Francisco! Combining opera, musical theater and musical education, the Woogiw Women have thus regrouped and expect to be playing private parties, cable cars and BART in the bay Area!

Members: Rebecca Sowers, Lizz Hodgin, Andrea Thornock

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