The Shaggy Boys - Male Collegiate Duo

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1998 Chicago Regional

The Shaggy Boys

Male Collegiate Duo

  • 1998 Chicago 3rd place

  • 1998 Chicago Best Original Song
    “Shagabego” by Matt Anthoney

    Members: Matt Anthoney

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    Shaggy Boys: Take Luck

    The Shaggy Boys are eight hearty and strapping college guys from Iowa. They have a big and expansive sound to match. Most of their set is self-written, and the covers, from Dave Matthews and Ben Harper, illustrate where they're coming from perfectly. It's grooving, feel-oriented, melodic pop. Originals such as "It's Time," with its hooky chorus and atmospheric harmonic backs on the verse, will grab you right away. Vocal percussion is integral - in the pocket but never rushed. The chugging "Moonboots" and buoyant "New Place" are Spin Doctors sort-of rock. Wet production adds richness and depth, cushioning the tones. Easy to listen to, polished and impressive!

    1716 1 CD $14.98

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