Straight No Chaser - Male Octet from Chicago, IL United States

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2005 Chicago Regional

Straight No Chaser

Male Octet from Chicago, IL

The group originally came together in the fall of 1996 at IU, basically as "10 guys who happened to be good friends who also liked to sing." Choosing the members carefully for personality as well as vocal talent - Stine, Mechling, Jerome Collins, David Roberts and Walter Chase remain from the original lineup -- SNC set itself apart from other a cappella groups with its contemporary repertoire and dynamic approach, quickly headlining concerts both in Bloomington and on road dates. SNC recorded three independent albums, and John Mellencamp even invited the group to his home for a private performance.

When the founders began graduating in 1999 and went on to jobs mostly outside of music, they chose replacements and established SNC as an ongoing group on campus with future generations of ambitious IU undergrads. More than 50 members have passed through the group's ranks so far.

Founded: 1996

Members: Sargon Isho, Jeff Tanski, Adam Basey, Chris Ryan, Steve Wolf, Adam Stulberg, Corey Frye, Adam Rich

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12 Days Of Chistmas (original)

12 Days Of Chistmas (original)

Straight No Chaser performs their unique "12 Days of Christmas" for the first time, on December 7th, 1998, in the Musical Arts Center at Indiana University, in Bloomington, Indiana.

Christmas Like

Christmas Like

Listen to Christmas Like:

Mary, Did You Know?

Mary, Did You Know?

Mary, Did You Know? Shot in one take, live, in a NYC church, December 2nd, 2016.Mary, Did You Know? Shot

Movie Medley

Movie Medley

Over one million views.

Someone You Loved

Someone You Loved

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Straight No Chaser: One Shot

Straight No Chaser is an all-male a Capella group from Indiana. The group formed during their college years at Indiana University in 1996 and have been together ever since. In 2008, Atlantic Records noticed a video for their 12 Days Of Christmas and signed the group immediately. SNC has been releasing music on Atlantic ever since and has found success covering Top 40 songs as well as recording Christmas songs.

4012 $14.95

Straight No Chaser: The New Old Fashioned

First getting together at Indiana University a dozen years ago, their Christmas song medley blending "12 Days of Christmas" with Toto's "Africa" went massively viral on YouTube and brought these ten men happily back together. Their tours sell out, they have a massive fan base, more than 20 million YouTube hits, five successful albums, "With A Twist" released this spring, and their latest, "The New Old Fashioned" is impressive: 13 tracks, mostly finely-arranged, wonderfully harmonized covers, with strong leads from Jerome Collins and Walter Chaser, every one a hit. Some of our favorites are a pair of medleys, "Dock of the Bay/Proud Mary" and "On The Road Again/I Play The Road", Radiohead's "Creep," Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love," Don Nottingham's "Lost" and a very funny "The Movie Medley," with parody lyrics by Tyler Trepp and Seggie Isho. It's great to see SNC, already pure entertainers in their college days, deservedly rise to shine with a cappella's elite groups!

2227 $17.95

Straight No Chaser: Christmas Cheers

Since their posting of a 10-year-old video in 2007 of a live cut of their version of the "12 Days of Christmas" on YouTube garnered over 10 million hits, these 10 male alums of Indiana University have gotten back together, recorded the best-selling "Holiday Spirit," and have been on one long reunion tour! "Christmas Cheers" is Christmas collection #2, and we have to say that the guys have not been sitting under the mistletoe, munching fruitcake. The arrangements on these 15 songs are sharp, innovative and funny, the leads and background harmonies recall groups like Rockapella, the Blenders and The House Jacks. Listen to the hilarious "Christmas Can-Can," the hot arrangement of "We Three Kings," the brilliant parody "Donde Esta Santa Claus," a wonderfully raucous Rockabilly "Hey, Santa," one of the sleaziest "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" we've ever heard, a priceless overweight Elvis lead on "Santa Claus is Back in Town," a crazed "Jingle Bells," a drunken "Who Spiked the Eggnog" and finally hear the guys absolutely nail the song that caused all the gefuffle, "The 12 Days of Christmas." None of these songs is left alone, every one has unexpected surprises, samples, segueways, asides, faux horns and kazoos, you name it. It just goes to show--creativity, humor and great a cappella are stone winners now, and will be winners 10 years from now. "Cheers" to one of the best Christmas albums of the year!

2365 1 CD $7.95

Straight No Chaser: Holiday Spirit

In December of 2007 SNC, one of our favorite male Collegiate a cappella groups, posted several videos of past performances, including a 10 year old video of a live cut of their version of the "12 Days of Christmas" on YouTube. To say it caused a sensation would be putting it mildly-6 million people saw it during December, with an additional 2 million seeing it since then. Combined, Straight No Chaser has received over 10 million views of their videos on YouTube. Formed a dozen years ago while students at Indiana University, this phenomenon has caused the group to reassemble and re-emerge, a process covered on a series of webisodes, covering their rehearsing together for the first time in 10 years, doing their photoshoot, and then recording this album, "Holiday Spirits." Even the New York Times told the story of SNC in their Arts & Leisure section in September of 2008. All that excitement aside, the album is great! 14 songs, all group-arranged, especially by group member Dan Ponce, who also wrote the lovely "Christmas Wish" and "Indiana Christmas." "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," "Jingle Bell Rock," "The Christmas Song," "This Christmas," "Hark the Herald Angels Sing/Angels We Have Heard on High" and Brian Wilson's classic "Little Saint Nick" show off the smooth harmonies, brilliant leads and killer arrangements that made SNC one of the best Collegiate groups. Then "The 12 Days of Christmas" shows us what the fuss is all about. It contains samples of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," and suddenly the song has morphed into Toto's "Africa." It's funny, surprising, perfectly realized and all done with the human voice, all of which was not lost on the delighted live audience. The album finishes with "Sweet Little Jesus Boy," the Phil Spector "Wall of Sound" carol "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)," "Carol of the Bells," and sublime covers of "Silent Night" and "Auld Lang Syne." We couldn't be happier for the success of talented SNC, who haven't lost a half-note since their college days, and can enthusiastically recommend "Holiday Spirits," one of the most enjoyable Christmas recordings we have heard!

2519 1 CD $9.95

Straight No Chaser: I'll Have Another...Christmas Album

It was a Christmas song that first made them famous and their tradition of recording great holiday music continues with this excellent releases. Their treatment of both traditional and lesser known carols are a treat and should be in every a cappella fan's library.

4312 1 CD $17.95

Straight No Chaser: Open Bar

2019 EP release features the group's trademark reworkings of some of pop culture's best loved bar-themed songs of the last few decades, including "Take Me Home Tonight" made famous by the late Eddie Money, "Tennessee Whiskey," recently covered by Chris Stapleton, Dan + Shay's "Tequila," and Smash Mouth's "All Star."

4029 1 CD $7.95

Straight No Chaser: Six Pack Vol 2

They have become one of the most popular contemporary a cappella groups performing today and have an extremely busy tour schedule with dates throughout the country. This EP release handily demonstrates why they enjoy such popularity and shows a sophistication and maturity that comes from performing so steadily. This release will please all fans of contemporary a cappella and will have you singing (and perhaps dancing) along with the group.

2905 1 CD $7.85

Straight No Chaser: Social Christmasing

2020 holiday release. Straight No Chaser is an all-male a Capella group from Indiana. The group formed during their college years at Indiana University in 1996 and have been together ever since. In 2008, Atlantic Records noticed a video for their 12 Days Of Christmas and signed the group immediately. SNC has been releasing music on Atlantic ever since and has found success covering Top 40 songs as well as recording Christmas songs.

4037 1 CD $14.95

Straight No Chaser: Under the Influence: Holiday Edition

It was a Christmas song posted on You Tube a dozen years ago that first propelled this talented group into the limelight and here they are with a new Christmas release which includes at track with Paul McCartney! With an extremely busy touring schedule they are one of the most popular a cappella groups performing today and these years of seasoning shows in the tight arrangements, fine voices and compelling energy of this recording. This recording is a Holiday treat and is sure to be a cappella classic. Cello Greene, Cobbie Caillat and the voice of Otis Redding are also featured.

2214 1 CD $7.95

Straight No Chaser: Under The Infuence

Under The Influence sees the acclaimed a cappella group reimagining a selection of their all-time favorite songs alongside many of the superstar artists and undisputed music icons that made them famous. Produced by Mark Kibble, founding member of the legendary a cappella group Take 6 and one of Straight No Chaser's primary influences, the album includes unprecedented collaborations with some of popular music's best and brightest - including Phil Collins, Dolly Parton, Rob Thomas, Seal, and Jason Mraz - as Straight No Chaser put their distinctive and inimitable spin on songs known and loved the world over.

2705 1 CD $15.95

Straight No Chaser: With a Twist

You all know SNC's story, about these 10 all male Indiana alums posting the vid "12 Days of Christmas" from their Collegiate career on YouTube, getting over 10 million hits, reuniting as an a cappella group, releasing two hot Christmas CDs, and doing live performances at major venues across the country. You know, the usual! Well, "With a Twist" adds some dynamic, cutting-edge arrangements and wonderful new covers to SNC's repertoire. With a smooth, polished sound and rock solid vocal percussion reminiscent of Rockapella, The House Jacks and The Blenders, Straight No Chaser is showing off some formidable vocal chops here! Twelve well-chosen cuts, beginning with a Reggae take on a medley that seamlessly and surprisingly segues J. Mraz's "I'm Yours" into Harold Arlen's classic "Somewhere Over the Rainbow;" an upbeat, rhythmic arrangement of Ed Cobb's Soft Cell hit "Tainted Love," another Reggae look at Crowded Houses' "Don't Dream It's Over," a rich, harmonic rendition of Coldplay's "Fix You," a big fun, swinging medley of S. Morris' "You & Me & The Bottle Makes Three" with a surprising segue into the Glee hit "Single Ladies;" a nice cover of Oasis's bluesy "Wonderwall," Queen's "You're My Best Friend," an amazingly arranged version of Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World," the Red Hot Chili Peppers' moody hit "Under the Bridge," and finally, Barry Manilow's "One Voice," featuring guest vocals by Barry himself! It's clear from "With a Twist" that SNC is playing with the big kids now, performing and recording on a level with some of the top groups in the a cappella world, and, as a favorite of ours in their Collegiate days, we couldn't be happier for them!

1781 1 CD $13.95

Straight No Chaser: All I Want For Christmas

The perfect gift for everyone on your list! This special edition 2 CD + DVD box set includes the best selling albums Christmas Cheers and Holiday Spirits, plus a DVD of the group's Live in New York Holiday Edition Concert Special. Included a 14-page booklet featuring childhood photos of all group members.

6032 DVD 00 2 CDs $37.95

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