Business Casual - Mixed Contemporary Sextet from Stanford, CA

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2017 Bay Area Regional Champions

Business Casual

Mixed Contemporary Sextet from Stanford, CA

  • 2017 National Finals Best Original Song
    “Stay With You” - Jacob Chamoun - Business Casual

  • 2017 Bay Area Champions

  • 2017 Bay Area Audience Favorite

  • 2017 Bay Area Best Original Song
    “Ain’t No Way” - Cassandra Greene - Business Casual

    Business Casual is a five-person powerhouse performing a wide range of genres including funk, folk, pop, soul, and R&B. Their diverse musical backgrounds each lend something unique to the group. Fueled by a highly combustible mixture of hunger, talent, and passion for music, Business Casual brings the formal and the funk, the heart and the smart. Their recently released EP, "Eyes on Me" is available on Loudr, iTunes, and Spotify, and through their website:

    Members: Cassandra Greene, Jacob Chamoun, Roshun Alur, Leslie Baker, Michael Wang,

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    For valentine's day, Business Casual shares the love with this cover of "Faith."

    Holiday Songs 2016

    Holiday Songs 2016

    It's that time of year again! Check out this sampling of some of the holiday-themed songs Business Casual performed this year. Have a wonderful holiday season, and see you next year!

    Jingle Bell Rock

    Jingle Bell Rock

    It's that time of year! Business Casual jingled all the way up and down the California coast this year bringing the holiday cheer. Here's one of our favorites from this year's holiday rep. Wishing you a joyful holiday season 2017!

    Setlist for 2017 Bay Area

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