The Lost Keys - Mixed Contemporary Octet from New York City, NY

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2015 New York Regional

The Lost Keys

Mixed Contemporary Octet from New York City, NY

  • 2015 New York Best Original Arrangement
    Creep - Keiji Ishiguri/The Lost Keys

    The Lost Keys are a New York based coed a cappella group, bringing a soulful sound to contemporary and classic pop music with the goal of creating a musical experience that entertains and inspires audiences of all ages. Many of the group members came to New York City to find themselves, and in the process, found each other. Their shared love of a cappella created a sense of community that they strive to bring to every venue where they perform. Join the Lost Keys experience!

    Members: Jamie Serkin, Keiji Ishiguri, Andrew Gutterson, Jerry Lieblich, Joe Martinez, Peter Lam, Jenny Baik, Colleen Clancy

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