Deviate - Female Contemporary Septet from Greensboro, NC

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2014 Mid-Atlantic Regional


Female Contemporary Septet from Greensboro, NC

Only a little over a year old, Deviate's members have been together for a little longer. Each member, currently or previously, has a connection with UNCG's all female a cappella group The Sapphires. Forming in February of 2013, the girls have progressed as a professional group in the a cappella world - auditioning for X-Factor, working to produce their first album, and performing in gigs around North Carolina. Deviate brings a complicated and original ear to their top-40 (and some not-so-top-40) arrangements.These girls will stop at nothing to bring you awesome music, performances, and entertainment.

Members: Ashlie Acevedo, Jessie Burton, Shelbi Flanagan, Emily Greene, Kera Keene, Samantha MacReynolds, Alesa Moore


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