Halfway to Midnight - Mixed Contemporary Sextet from San Mateo, CA

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2014 Bay Area Regional

Halfway to Midnight

Mixed Contemporary Sextet from San Mateo, CA

Halfway to Midnight is a co-ed band of musical misfits who, having missed the thrill of the a cappella world and desiring an outlet to strengthen our individual instruments, serendipitously found each other in the midst of the great big beautiful Bay Area and begun gathering weekly to share and enjoy the blend of our voices together. Upon securing our 6th and final member in the summer of 2013, Halfway to Midnight started exploring song options and fine-tuning our sounds to begin performing for the public, professionally entertaining, recording and possibly even competing in the future. We are a diverse group ranging from a high school chemistry teacher to a software engineer, a stay-at-home-mom to a doctor of psychology. Our life stories are as varied as our voices yet we find common ground in our love of instrument-free music-making and we truly hope you like what you hear.

Members: Elana Zizmor, Jeff Faulk, Gonzalo Alonzo, Michael Barrientos, Michael Stanton,


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