The Fault Line - Male Contemporary Quartet from Albany, NY United States

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2009 New York Regional

The Fault Line

Male Contemporary Quartet from Albany, NY

AfterShock is a five person a cappella band based in Albany, NY, that takes traditional a cappella and smashes it against the wall. The remains are rebuilt into AfterShock's funky musical style for all the world to enjoy. These five musicians come from a variety of musical experiences, but are drawn together with an incredible passion to bring the funk and soul to the a cappella world.

Members: Adam Decker, Dave Baumgartner, Matt Olmstead, Tommy Morris

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The Fault Line: Junkin' em Up

New York-based male a cappella quartet The Fault Line has jumped into the mainstream of Rock 'n Roll with no instruments, and they're rising fast! "Junkin' 'Em Up" is one of those albums that you find yourself looking incredulously for those ten little words-and then you find them: "No instruments were used in the making of this album." Adam, Jeff, Justin and Matt are pushing the a cappella envelope, testing the limits of the human voice, and we, of course, love bands that do that! "Maureen" has some very fine faux snare drum, "The Way You Make Me Feel" recalls The House Jacks and Rockapella at their finest, "My Girl" has Righteous Brothers searching for the drum kit and the guy who's playing the screaming guitar solo. "Stand By Me" has a bluesy, sassy attitude, "Believer" updates the Monkees in wonderful electronic ways, "Dance Dance" is as rich and delicious as Sting's original, , the powerful, dark "Sky" is a rhythmic gem, "Use Me" and "Some Kind of Wonderful" round out a stunningly good album. You can buy "Junkin'" to find out exactly what these New Yorkers have learned to do with their voices, or you can buy it because it seriously rocks. Your choice!

2512 00 1 CD $14.95

The Fault Line: The Fault Line

Adam, Justin, Jeff and Matt, all former members of the nationally known a cappella group Sons of Pitches, invited a fifth man, Josh, to join them in their high-energy bid for national stardom. Listen to the crazed, manic cover of Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" and get a taste of the startling, refreshing power and energy of New York-based The Fault Line, qualities we almost never hear in an a cappella recording. This tune appropriately segues into a juicy live rendition of Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock," which created a generation of British rockers before anyone in America took notice. Two other favorites, and live cuts, are a boogying arrangement of Ben E. King's "Stand By Me, and a crazed cover of Fall Out Boy's "Dance Dance." Powerful, driving, fun stuff throughout - a strong, beautifully arranged 7-song debut collection from these five talented guys!

2415 00 1 CD $9.95

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