Tonic Effect - Mixed Pop Quintet from Oakland, ca

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2009 Bay Area Regional

Tonic Effect

Mixed Pop Quintet from Oakland, ca

TonicEffect is a group of five talented musicians and truly gifted drinkers who transcend traditional a cappella roles to deliver an unexpected, exciting performance. Our modern, edgy music - including original mash-up arrangements, rotating vocal percussion and the occasional f-bomb drop - brings a new energy to the a cappella scene. Why the name TonicEffect? In addition to being a musical reference and a nod to our favorite vodka mixer, if you look up tonic in the dictionary youll find: (tonik), adj. Lifting the spirits, boosting energy and generally creating a feeling of well-being. Not a bad goal. Plus, "TonicEffect" has a slightly better ring to it than 3 Gays, 2 Asians and a Black Chick," which is, of course, also accurate.,

Members: Brian Arao, Colm Davis, Jennifer Exley, Syreeta Mussante, Glenn Shope


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