Curious Blend - Mixed Vocal Jazz Quintet from San Mateo, CA

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2008 Bay Area Regional

Curious Blend

Mixed Vocal Jazz Quintet from San Mateo, CA

For the past four years, the accapella quartet Curious Blend has been delighting audiences with its eclectic mix of original compositions, pop songs, world music, show tunes, and jazz. What's the recipe for our success? Take four talented singers: Randi, Jen, Craig, and Mike. Stir in rich harmonies from a wide range of musical styles. Blend and blend until the sound is silky and smooth. Beat in syncopated rhythms and off-beat comedy. Whip until lively and fun. The result: a blendiferous combination of harmony and humor. Serve hot all over the Bay Area.

Members: Angie Boyce, Barbara Kaplan, Mike Pogue, Craig Rosen, Randi Zuckerberg


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