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The Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival is the premier American showcase for vocal harmony music. The annual national competition draws from hundreds of vocal groups from around the country with regional competitions in eight cities. The winning group from each festival is flown to perform in front of celebrity judges and a sold out house of enthusiastic a cappella fans at the National Finals.


Sing Theory

Sing Theory is a modern vocal quartet, dedicated to uniquely interpreting jazz and pop standards, and preserving and developing the art of vocalese. The quartet is a configuration of familiar faces from the Bay Area vocal jazz scene. Members of the group originally met through the De Anza College jazz ensemble Vocal Flight, and have sung together in several variations since the mid 1990s, including +4db, Vocalese Inc., Moodswing, and Clockwork. Sing Theory most recently appeared as the Angel City 4 in Hillbarn Theater’s production of “City of Angels”

Members: Dave Duran, Zach Yaholkovsky, Juliet Green, Michelle Hawkins


Brass Farthing

Brass Farthing is a group of stalwart lads brought together to sing songs, raise good cheer, and otherwise make merry in the company of friends both old and new. They take their inspiration from many periods and enjoy performing historical, traditional, and contemporary compositions in traditional styles.

Members: Rory Alden, Chris Callahan, George Chlentzos, Mark Donnelly, Jim Partridge, Tazz Richards, Bill Roper, Ben Wilson


Boyz Nite Out

The year was 1995. Bill Clinton was the President of the United States, Tom Hanks won an Oscar for Forrest Gump and Boyz Nite Out had a great time competing in the Harmony Sweepstakes!

From that beginning at the sweeps fifteen years ago Boyz Nite Out has had the opportunity to work with artists like the Righteous Brothers, Michael McDonald, Jay Leno and the late great Ray Charles!

After 15 years, 400 shows,  12 pitch pipes, dozens of national anthems, jingles and trips from to New York to Spain and from Miami to Marin, Boyz Nite Out is back where it all started.  It’s good to be home.

Members: Bud Anderson, Jon Moore, Mark Baldi,, Eugene Rocha, Bill Craig


The Love Notes

Love Notes - (the artists formerly known as UnderAge) are a group of four young ladies (ages 18-21) singing a cappella 4-part harmony, mostly in the barbershop style. They have been working, competing, and performing together for six years. They have had performing opportunities beyond their years. As UnderAge they became the 2005 International quartet champions for the Young Women in Harmony division of the Sweet Adelines organization. As champions, they have been guest performers all over the country from Oregon to Detroit to Rhode Island. As of 2008 they have matured into young ladies over 18 hence the name change to LoveNotes which expresses their love of music. They are exploring numerous a cappella styles which they very much enjoy. They are very commited to excellence in their craft and hope you enjoy them.

Members: Brittany Gilmore, Mia Dessenberger, Caitlin Smith, Stephanie Lawson


Where's Gesualdo?

Where’s Gesualdo? is an a cappella quartet based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its members have performed and / or recorded Andy Williams, Bobby McFerrin, Chanticleer, Dave Gruisin, David Grisman, Don Shelton, John Williams, Jose Feliciano, Mark Murphy, Michael Tilson Thomas, Phil Mattson, Richie Cole, Stanley Jordan, and Frank Zappa, among others. They've also sung on video games such as Guitar Hero, Karaoke Revolution, Dance Dance Revolution, and Garage Band.

Members: Moorea Dickason, Kathleen Hollingsworth, Paul Kim, and Stephen Saxon



Solstice has enthralled Bay Area audiences for over 10 years with their passion and technical prowess. Their powerful performance of music from many genres spans 13 languages and over 9 centuries, and includes original compositions and arrangements for women’s voices. This vocal ensemble defies easy categorization. Solstice sings classical music without the attitude, world music without the need for lengthy academic analysis, and pop music without the shtick. Audiences enjoy Solstice’s performances because they bring a wide variety of musical styles to the table, and make them accessible through the sheer joy that they take in singing.

Members: Emily Bender, Becca Burrington, Lark Coryell, Krista Enos, Mari Marjamaa, Kim Warsaw, Sara Webb Schmitz



With influences drawn from Chet Baker, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Gene Puerling, Phil Mattson, and many others, Clockwork’s performances range from beautiful ballads to complex, harmonized bebop lines normally only performed by an experienced saxophone section. From straight-ahead jazz to sweet ballads to hard swinging standards, these five voices make the listener forget that there are no instruments playing. Clockwork is a quintet of musicians who happen to sing. With their own arrangements of jazz from standards to be-bop with interesting, unexpected surprises, this award-winning vocal group is the coolest, newest sound in jazz. Clockwork has taken the West by storm and is not to be missed in the jazz world. In addition to being experienced performers, Clockwork, individually and collectively, has extensive experience in hosting and participating in educational workshops on a range of topics that include arranging for voices, solo interpretation, small group singing, microphone technique, and improvisation.

Members: Angie Doctor, Eric Freeman, John Paddock, Jim Hale, and Stephen Saxon



Moodswing is the newest configuration of some of the Bay Area's most moody jazz singers. Sweeps award winners and +4db founders Dave Duran and Juliet Green have put aside their differences to team up with mercurial couple Paul and Julie Ford of the Renaissance-Jazz sextet Without Measure. They have sung together, in brief stints in such groups as InFusion, Vocal Flight, Vocal Underground, Oarkland Jazz Choir, Siemens Microelectronics Stealth Band, and on Ward Swingle's Instructional video "Swingle Singing." Combined, Moodswing brings almost 20 years of community college vocal jazz experience to each performance. Photos, mp3s, and anger management techniques are available at

Members: Dave Duran, Julie Ford, Paul Ford, Juliet Green



Creative precision through planning, skill and experience. A cappella from a jazz point of view. All arrangements are written by and for the members of the group, with influences drawn from Gene Puerling, Phil Mattson, Chet Baker, Charlie Parker and many others. "Their performance ranges from beautiful ballads to complex harmonized bebop lines normally only performed by an experienced saxophone section. From Latin grooves to hip shuffles, these five voices make the listener forget that there are no instruments playing. Their precise intonation and timing make a bass and drums unnecessary, and their arrangements leave a pianist with nothing left to add". - Hip Pocket, the magazine for jazz singers

Members: Angie Doctor, Eric Freeman, John Paddock, Jim Hale and Stephen Saxon



moosebutter is a wacky music ensemble from Provo, Utah. moosebutter croons about truth justice and the vegetable way. moosebutter loves peanut butter and igloos. moosebutter is just like a cutting-edge, hard-core hip-hop group, except moosebutter is from Utah, all white, not interested in controversy, and also doesn't perform hip-hop. Weston, however, does perform the "hip pop" when he does the splits. moosebutter likes you.

Members: Tim Y. Jones, Glen Sawyer, Weston Wride, Chris Harris


III Of A Kind

III Of A Kind is a dynamic vocal trio from the Philippines formed in 1994 and is currently based in southern California. Comprised of soloists belonging to different music backgrounds. The three met when they joined the "UP Madrigal Singers"- a renowned Philippine choral group. With their deep passion for singing all kinds of music, from classical to jazz, R&B, mainstream pop and a cappella, they decided to form a "quartet". With a shortage of altos, they gave up looking for one and moved on as "III of a Kind". The union creates a memorable musical experience in each performance with their combination of high energy, powerful vocal chords and great passion for music.

Members: Gelo Francisco, Annie Nepomuceno, Edward Granadosin



Current Champions of the Far Western District, barbershop quartet Freestyle are known for not only their great singing but also their zany antics, characterized as "a few fries short of a Happy Meal." Recently named Entertainment Champions at the prestigious Buckeye Invitational, their memorable show is sure to please, and members of the group have appeared on countless stages and milk cartons throughout the land. Tenor Todd Kidder recently gave up his dream of being the first 5 ft. 9 in. center of the NBA, while bass Bruce Morgan is the (Volvo) owner of a (Volvo) dealership in (Volvo) Santa Rosa, but does not use this venue (Volvo) for his own personal (Volvo) gain. Baritone Andy Wallace is an unassuming financial mastermind, collecting paperclips in his spare time. Lead Rich Brunner is the best-looking member of the quartet and his mother really loves him. It's Freestyle entertainment tonight!

Members: Todd Kidder, Bruce Morgan, Rich Brunner, Andy Wallace



+4db is an a cappella quintet who's sound is as diverse as it is smooth. With a repertoire that ranges from jazz standards to contemporary pop, +4db straight-up swings and surprises. Formed in 1996, this award-winning ensemble makes its home in the San Francisco Bay Area. 1998 saw them champions of the Harmony Sweepstakes San Francisco Regionals, where they also earned Best Arrangement for the second year in a row. Their local success harbingered national accolades, with their memorable sound securing Second Place and Best Arrangement at the 1998 Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals. Judges aren't the only ones who dig the delicious harmony of these five voices. +4db has also won Audience Favorite each time they've participated in Harmony Sweepstakes regional and national competitions. +4db released their eponymous debut CD to much fanfare just this January.

Members: Paul Cingolani, Dave Duran, Juliet Green, Jay Quibodeaux, Michelle Ritchie


The Euphorics

The Euphorics (U4X) are a joyous, energetic a cappella quartet, who, since 1983, have been delighting audiences internationally on radio, television, and concert stages, at schools, festivals, and special events of all kinds. Individually, members of the Euphories are powerful lead singers. Joani Bye (alto), fronts her own band, the Homewreckers, and her voice has graced countless albums (including those of Bon Jovi, David Bowie, INXS, and Cher). Helen Davis (soprano) leads her own jazz quartet and has backed up Doug and She Slugs, and Kathi Hof Donald. Nathen Aswell (tenor) is a free-lance vocalist/bassist and works with a wide variety of people (including artists Susan Crowe and Gary Fjellguard. The CARAS award for Best Children's Album of 1993 and the West Coast Music Award for Best Children's Album in 1998. Together, they create a rich and soulful blend with a repertoire of top-notch originals and innovative arrangements of covers in a wide variety of styles. The Euphorics celebrate their passion for music with plenty of humor and dynamic audience interaction.

Members: Joani Bye, Helen Davis, Nathen Aswell, ...



+4db... is an a cappella vocal jazz quintet. This Bay Area group formed in August of 1996 and is the 1998 Bay Area Harmony Sweepstakes Regional Champion. They also won Audience Favorite and Best Arrangement awards in both 1997 and 1998. They have performed at the Freight and Salvage, and have opened for many groups such a s M-Pact!, the House Jacks, and Boyz Nite Out. They have been featured at major a cappella events such as "Hot August Harmony" in Santa Rosa and the West Coast A Cappella Summit in San Rafael. They have performed in the National Anthem at 3Com Park for the San Francisco Giants, and appeared on cable's "The Bruce Latimer Show."

Members: Paul Cingolani, David Duran, Juliet Green, Jay Jordana, Jay Quibodeaux



The SoVoSó repertoire consists of original compositions and other songs that present a global perspective, from Afro-Latin idioms to traditional jazz choral arrangements. Five SoVoSó members (Rhiannon, Joey Blake, Melanie Rath, Nicolas Bearde and David Worm) are alumni of Bobby McFerrin's a cappella choir, Voicestra, performing with him until 1993. Sunshine Garcia is the group's most recent addition, joining in 1995. As SoVoSó ("from the Soul to the Voice to the Song"), the ensemble has continued to pioneer new horizons in improvisational vocal performance. According to the San Jose Mercury News, "The extraordinary richness and brilliance of this virtuoso vocalism lifts you into a special realm."


The New Originals


Boyz Nite Out

For over 10 years, Boyz Nite Out has electrified audiences with their blend of musical talent and impressive entertainment style! Specializing in original, cover, pop and golden oldies music, BNO uses their all mouth musical abilities - no instruments - to tantalize audiences all over the country, with phenomenal results! Having opened for groups, such as, Ray Charles, ELO, Michael MacDonald, and many more, this groups wealth of experience makes them a true entertainment venue for any concert and occasion. BNO has rocked thousands with their high-energy thumpin' "pop/rock acappella" --featuring tight-locked harmonies, phat vocal bass, bumpin' vocal percussion, and incredible songs. BNO is a six member pop/rock a-cappella group. They have shared stages with Ray Charles, The Righteous Brothers, Michael McDonald, ELO, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Jefferson Starship, Richard Marx, Kevin Sharp, Az Yet, and many others.





Quintessence is an Ottawa-based group of six singers who specialise in a cappella performances of a wide variety of repertoire from big-band through to hits of recent years, as well as some original material. The group was originally formed in 1985 under the name of 'The Ottawa Jazz Choral,' and has developed a distinctive style to create melody, accompaniment and even percussion, all from only six voices. Many of the vocal arrangements that they perform are tailor-made to their voices by arrangers from within the group. Their influences include 'Manhattan Transfer,' Take Six,' the Swingle Singers,' 'Les Double Six,' and 'The Real Group.' Their performances include pieces ranging from Glenn Miller to George Gershwin, and from Bach to the Beach Boys. Quintessence has performed at a wide variety of engagements in Ontario and Quebec, as well as in Geneva, Switzerland and Sacramento, California. They have performed with Rosemary Clooney, Carol Welsman, The Canadian Symphonic Pops Orchestra, and the Bel Canto Wind Quintet. Their main aim is to have fun exploring the a cappella vocal medium!

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