Harmony Sweepstakes

1998 Boston Champs: Ball In The House

Ball in the House is the 1998 New England Harmony Sweepstakes Champions, and they are extremely excited to represent Boston in the Nationals. Their goal is to use a cappella as a medium for their original music, bring together soul, funk, and pop/R&B sensibility to create their unique sound. Ball in the House brings together six members that hail from such well-known vocal groups as the Skidmore Bandersnatchers, the University of Pennsylvania's Six-5000, the University of Illinois' Other Guys, the Boston College Heightsmen. Ball in the House encourages you to get up and dance, clap, and enjoy their high energy show!

1998 Results

1st Place:Ball in the House
Second Place: So Rare!
Third Place: (tie) Corner Pocket
Serious Fun