17th Annual

2001 Boston Champions

So Rare!

SoRare! is an award-winning women's a cappella quartet singing smooth sounds and intricate harmonies. No vocal percussion here, just perfectly blended chords in a varied repertoire including swing, jazz, modern and contemporary. Brought together by their love of close harmony, these talented ladies have been entertaining audiences for six years. SoRare! has been 1st runner up in the Boston Area Harmony Sweepstakes Competition for 1998, 1999, and 2000 before becoming this year's winners. They are a five-time medalist quartet in the North Atlantic Regional Quartet Competition of Sweet Adelines International. They have performed extensively throughout New England including, Worcester's 1st Night Celebrations, BridgewaterÕs 4th of July featured entertainers and performer of the National Anthem, Stellar A Cappella, A Cappella Gold, opening night for the Boston Celtics where they performed for Bill Russell, several area shows, clubs and private parties. They have recently released their 1st CD entitled, SoRare! Well Done! Be sure to check out our website at www.soraresings.com
Karen Christofi, Jannis M. Williams, Donna Manoogian, Arlene Isaac


The members of A.K.A. Pelican Groove love to joke around, hence the name (phonetically, "A Cappella Can Groove!") But seriously, their sense of humor has sustained an 8-year-long collaboration that has brought them to many new and exciting places (both musically and geographically). Over their history, theyÕve performed at hundreds of venues, including corporate events, club dates, wedding gigs, outdoor shows, community concerts, and live appearances on television and radio. One morning last spring, the group made their "drive time" debut on BostonÕs Star 93.7 FM morning show. That same evening, they performed the National Anthem on the hallowed grass of Fenway Park (GO SOX!) Last summer, they had the privilege of sharing the stage at BostonÕs Hatch Memorial Shell with Nile Rodgers and Chaka Khan. A.K.A. Pelican Groove released its first CD "Plunge" in 1999. With a diverse repertoire that spans classic R&B, doo-wop, 70Õs soul, 90Õs alternative, pop originals, and more, A.K.A. Pelican Groove looks forward to entertaining you tonight, as they bring their own brand of groove-based, "funkified" a cappella into the new millennium.

Alice Burgˇ, Charlie Deal, Scott Evrard, Andy Long, Bob Lutz, Chris Saulnier

The da Capo Vocal Band Born out of the Binghamton University a cappella community, da Capo is a high powered, raucous male vocal band founded in the fall of 2000 committed to bringing professional a cappella to central New York. Literally translated, da Capo means "from the beginning" and the group aims to stay true to its roots: award winning groups with an emphasis on entertainment and fun for their audience while expanding their sound to creative new heights. A full, rich sound, intense percussion, outstanding vocalists and an eclectic repertoire make da Capo a group to look for in the future. Check us out at dacapo.webjump.com.

Mike Boxer, Kevin Doherty, Jim Fowler, Charles Howard, Dave Levy, Al Orbinati, Chris Sheppard

Since 1998, Duwende has been performing its own brand of genre-bending rock & roll in a variety of venues up and down the East Coast. The group has recently finished recording its first CD, a collection of ten original songs. More information about Duwende and their music can be found at.

Jason Baluyut, Edward Chung, Abbey Janes, Dexter Jones, Morgan Phillips, Ari Picker

The vocal sextet The Georgian Six was founded in 1998 in Tbilisi, capital of the Republic of Georgia. The groupÕs repertoire includes jazz, folk, and church songs, as well as classical and popular music arranged in a new style. The group collaborates continuously with the Georgian State Orchestra and has begun collaborating with the Georgian National Ballet. While the group regularly performs with an instrumental quintet, the members of the ensemble enjoy singing a cappella music and their first album contains only a cappella songs. The Georgian Six has received many awards and accolades, including winning the Georgian national radio hit parade, winning the Grand Prize at the Georgian Student Festival and winning the Grand Prize at the International Contest For Vocal Ensembles in Tampere, Finland. The group was recognized as the best vocal group in Georgia in September 1998. The main goal of the group is to popularize Georgian music all over the world.

Revaz Abaishvili, Buka Kartozia, David Kiknadze, Nana Korakhashvili, Magda Papiashvili, Tamta Urushadze

Realia is a six-woman vocal band from Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1997 and ever-evolving, we are on a mission to create consistently entertaining, energizing, gorgeous music. While we donÕt limit our repertoire to any particular genre, we are all soul/rock/R&B devotees, so thatÕs usually what youÕll find flying from our big loud mouths. Realia has made appearances at venues throughout New England, from saloons to radio shows to fraternal organization Christmas parties. We have also just completed our debut EP "bÕzilla baby", to be released within days of the Harmony Sweepstakes. We are thrilled to be making our second appearance at the Boston Regional with such a talented group of bands.

Emily Fisher, Val Hildebrant, Christy Maver, Evie Southwick, Sofia Trapotsis, Courtney Wheaton

Similar Jones is a six-man vocal band with a dedicated and ever-expanding Boston following. The current incarnation, together since 1999, is very much a rock-soul group, influenced by elements of blues, funk, and jazz, as well as everything from the 70s (except Gerald Ford). Early in their career Similar Jones opened for such a cappella luminaries as The House Jacks and Sean Altman, and continued that tradition with Jive recording artist Aaron Carter. No strangers to Boston, theyÕve also performed at Boston HarborÕs Tall Ships/Parade of Sail, the Major League Baseball All-Star FanFest, as well as numerous nightclubs, corporate and private parties, and the street corners of Provincetown and Boston. They are currently in the studio recording their debut album. Similar Jones is also in the midst of auditioning for a tenor. For more information, check out www.similarjones.com.

Shawn Madden, Rob Opdycke, Jeremy Sacco, Joseph Salonga, Mike Schwartz, Judd Tomaselli

SoRare! is an award-winning womenÕs a cappella quartet singing smooth sounds and intricate harmonies. No vocal percussion here, just perfectly blended chords in an incredibly varied repertoire including swing, jazz, modern and contemporary. We are really looking forward to our fourth appearance here at the Boston Sweeps where we have taken second place three years in a row (watch out Susan Lucci!). SoRare! has had many performances this year, including Stellar A Cappella, Ryles Jazz Club and Legends at the Fleet Center where we performed for, and had our picture taken with, basketball legend Bill Russell. We also shared the stage with Rumors, International Quartet Champions of Sweet Adelines. We have finally recorded our first CD entitled "SoRare! Well Done!" containing many of our favorite arrangements. Check our web site at www.soraresings.com or contact Jannis Moylan Williams at (508) 428-1129

Karen Christofi, Jannis M. Williams, Donna Manoogian, Arlene Isaac

Soundstage 7 is the scroobiest band in Boston! WeÕve been rehearsing, performing, and chowing on sushi together since the spring of 1997, and we perform whatever music takes our fancy, as long as itÕs fun, crazy, energetic, hip, or just plain groovy, baby! We dig Ō80s and Ō90s pop tunes (you know you do too, admit it), but our repertoire also includes neo-swing, soul, and funk, among other styles. WeÕre psyched to be back in the Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes, and weÕd like to thank the Beelzebubs Foundation for sponsoring this great show year after year! Go Boston a cappella!

Greg Bowne, Mike Daly, Andrea Heyda, Hyoun Park, Liz Ruark, Maddie Welch

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