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Group Track
Seven Bless This House
Chicago Voice Exchange Underdog
Pickup 6 Route 66
Metropolis Sweet Georgia Brown
Octane Baby I'm With You
Euphorics Message In A Bottle
Ja'a Ja'ackson
Standards Lean On Me
Seven Bridge Over Troubled Water
Chicago Voice Exchange Mary Don't Weep
Minimum Wage Patty Duke
Pickup 6 Beatles Medley
Metropolis Our day Will Come
Octane Bring Him Home
Minimum Wage The Last Cowboy Song
Euphorics I Sing Low
Ja'a Hands To Heaven
Standards I Believe

CD 14.98


Group Track
+4db In a Mellow Tone
Metropolis Some Lucky Day
Heebee-jeebees Good Lovin'
Acapelicans The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
Cool Shooz This Island Earth
City Lights That's How You Jazz (Medley)
Blind Man's Bluff Wake Up Call
Ball In the House Get It On
Blind Man's Bluff Virtual Insanity
Acapelicans Happy World
Heebee-jeebees Maritime Folk Song
+4db Chili Con Carne
City Lights Coronet Man
Metropolis Yakko's World
Cool Shooz Sign Your Name Across My Heart
SoVoSo Improvised Jam

CD 14.98


Group Track
SoVoSo Say
SoVoSo Say A Prayer
DaVinci's Notebook Stray Cat Strut
DaVinci's Notebook Mickay Mouse Clut Theme
Graffiti Tribe Nuclear Power
Graffiti Tribe Change the World
This Side Up Nothing Is Written
This Side Up Hush
Chicago Voice Exchange Higher and Higher
Chicago Voice Exchange Spiderman
Five O'Clock Shadow Get Down Tonight
Five O'Clock Shadow All I Want
Kickshaw Some Kind of Wonderful
Kickshaw Thinkin' About You
Seven Seconds Human Nature
M-Pact Celebration
M-Pact If I Lost You

CD 14.98 Tape 7.98


Group Track
M-Pact Got A Friend?
M-Pact Change in My Life
Return to Zero Steppin' Out
Return to Zero Carol of the Bells
Harmonytryx O Sifuni Mungu
Harmonytryx Heaven
Cool Shooz Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Cool Shooz Stinky Breath
Kaleidoscope Liar Medley
Kaleidoscope Someone to Watch Over Me
Fourth Avenue Midnight Hour
Fourth Avenue Lullaby
all so jimmy Brothersister
all so jimmy Ladder
The New Originals Plastic Jesus
The New Originals Free
The Accidentals Wheel of Time
The Accidentals Loves Me Like a Rock
Everyone Goodnight Sweetheart

CD (Sold Out) Tape 6.98 


Group Track
The Treanchcoats Rawhide
The Accidentals You Win
Heart & Soul Good Ol' A Cappella
Five O'Clock Shadow Oh, Sugar!
Chicago Voice Exchange High & Lonesome
Metronomes Time & Space
Graffiti Tribe 29 Ways
Five O'Clock Shadow Green Eyes
Chicago Voice Exchange Mexican Polka
Boyz Nite Out People Are Strange
The Accidentals Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Metronomes Dangerous
Boyz Nite Out Wild Wild West

CD (Sold Out) Tape 6.98



Group Track
The Diners Never Tell an Angel
A Perfect Blend Who's Lovin you Now
The Trenchcoats Stray Cat Strut
Beachfront Property Straighten up and Fly Right
Blind Man's Bluff Amazing Grace
Vox One Edelweiss
17th Ave. All Stars Sly and the Family Stone
A Perfect Blend Two People in the World
The Trenchcoats Whip It/ Workin' In a Coal Mine Medley
Vox One Missing You
Things to Come The Cat Is High
Blind Man's Bluff Dreamweaver
Banned Rules
Beachfront Proerty Shoofly Pie
Things to Come Semewhere
The Diners Wicked Game

CD (Sold Out) Tape 6.98



Group Track
17th Ave. All Stars Stay with me Tonight
Regency Summertime
Quintessence Sign Your Name
Shawsheen River Rats Marooned in a Blizzard of Lies
Joy of Six That Lonesome Road
Quintessence Kiss
17th Ave. All Stars Johnny
Regency Shamalama Ding Dong
Shawsheen River Rats Jeepers Creepers
Quintessence Wonderwoman
Joy of Six Whiter Shade of Pale
Brock & Teh Rockets Big and Stupid
The Soundbrokers Stand by Me/On Broadway Medley

CD (Sold Out) Tape 6.98