His Juliet - Female Christian Quartet from Sacramento, CA

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2009 Bay Area Regional

His Juliet

Female Christian Quartet from Sacramento, CA

  • 2009 Bay Area Best Original Song

    Over 16 years ago, the Norwood (Alisa's maiden name) and Wilber families crossed paths. Growing up in the Church, they were all trained to sing. In 2000, the group cut a CD of Christian devotional songs. Two years later, they stepped it up and cut a second album of songs composed themselves. After that, due to their busy lives, the girls took a seven year break, going in all directions. Knowing a gift from God so great could not be given for nothing, they never stopped dreaming. It was just a matter of time. Summer 2008, the girls sang for a wedding of a very close friend, and by God's grace and perfect timing, His Juliet was officially established. We thank everyone so much for their support in this incredibly exciting journey!

    Members: Cara Wilbur, Alisa McVicker, Kelsia Wilbur,

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