Speedzoo - Mixed Contemporary Quintet from Mountain View , CA

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2001 Bay Area Regional


If they were a building, they'd be Fallingwater. If they were a sensation, they'd be vertigo. If they were a game, they'd be Quidditch. If they were a flower, they'd be a trillium. If they were weather, they'd be the light after the storm. If they were land, they'd be Atlantis. If they were food, they'd be a warm chocolate torte with wild raspberries and creme fraiche. [Mmmmm... chocolate]. But they're not. Lisa, RJ, Damon, Ken, and Joel are a health educator, custom publisher, two engineers, and a linguist, and together they're speedzoo. Combining experience in collegiate a cappella, rock bands and touring theater, these singers set out in 2000 with the simple purpose of making music they love. From passionate to whimsical, familiar to hyperbolic, fantastic to sophisticated, their enthusiasm and eccentricity recently earned them the diagnosis "obsessive creativity disorder." See for yourself, and to hear more, visit www.speedzoo.com. Have a listen to their mp3's and sign up for their email list. There. We said it without using the words "tapestry" or "cornucopia," isn't that great?

Members: Lisa Trevorrow, RJ Smith, Damon McCormick, Joel Harris, Ken Purchase

Mixed Contemporary Quintet from Mountain View , CA

  • 2001 Bay Area Best Original Song

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