17th Annual

Southeast Regional (Atlanta)

The Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival, the premier American showcase for vocal harmony music, celebrates its 16th year in 2000. The annual national competition draws from hundreds of vocal groups from around the country with regional competitions in eight cities. The winning group from the Southeast Regional is sent to perform in front of celebrity judges and a sold out house of enthusiastic a cappella fans at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition

2001 Atlanta champions


InDEciSIon: is a vocal quartet which performs a capella music in the grand style of American barbershop. Formed in 1999, the popular group has delighted large and small audiences with their close harmonies and unique brand of humor. InDEciSIon is comprised of men with accumulated experience of more than 100 years in vocal music. Not that they are OLD, mind you, but its important for you to know! InDEciSIon provides an unusual and thoroughly entertaining addition to your gathering or special occasion. InDEciSIon is certain you'll have a good time. Well, we think you will. Then on the other hand,
Members: Bob Yelton, Ed Avery, Bill Hickman, Shelby Robert .

2001 Results

Audience Favorite
Best Arrangement
Kathy Palazzolo of Ultrasound for "That Darn Cat"


Passion definitely defines these four women when it comes to their approach to singing in the barbershop style. diva, the current Region 23 Quartet Champions, consists of four extremely active members of the Song of Atlanta Show Chorus, the 10th best Sweet Adelines chorus in the world! If you're looking for four women filled with personality and musicality, you've found them in diva!
Members: Alexis Nicoletta, Mary Selano, Susan Milani, Becki Hine Exception

Evolution: Any dictionary would define "Evolution" as a "constant state of change". Since 1997, Evolution has remained true to it's name by constantly changing the face of inspirational music. Evolution is made up of three talented and committed performers: Anthony Little, Eugene Penson, & Vasquez Thomas. Each member of Evolution has had an individual love for singing since childhood. Together, Evolution has carried and nurtured this love for singing into adulthood. Through their message of inspiration and hope, Evolution can truly touch any heart, bless any soul, and evoke any emotion.

Exception, a three-member female singing group, is poised to make their collective mark on the music industry. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, these ladies sing a smooth blend of R&B with a hint of Pop. Everyone eho has come in contact with this dynamic and stylish group has been left wanting more....and more is what Exception plans on giving.
Members: Kelly Heard, Kei, Marci

InDEciSIon is a vocal quartet which performs a capella music in the grand style of American barbershop. Formed in 1999, the popular group has delighted large and small audiences with their close harmonies and unique brand of humor. InDEciSIon is comprised of men with accumulated experience of more than 100 years in vocal music. Not that they are OLD, mind you, but its important for you to know! InDEciSIon provides an unusual and thoroughly entertaining addition to your gathering or special occasion. InDEciSIon is certain you'll have a good time. Well, we think you will. Then on the other hand,
Members: Bob Yelton, Ed Avery, Bill Hickman, Shelby Robert

Style Not only can each member of Style sing lead, but each is also a songwriter and music composer. Ranging in age from 21 to 23, these young men vow to become "one of the hottest R&B groups ever recorded form the South." Singing together before they became teenagers, two brothers, Johnai and Zakai, and their friend, Jose, are surely headed to stardom with a unique soul-steering style of smooth blended doo-wop harmony on the cutting edge of today's R&B sound. From performing for local radio shows to entering acappella competitions, this talented group of Columbus, Georgia natives will continue to perform throughout the Southeast region and far beyond.
Members: Johnai, Zakai, Jose

Sympathetic Vibrations is performing in their "son of sympathetic vibrations" configuration tonight. They're a bunch of cool guys out of Atlanta, GA who know how to have fun, live life, and make lots of noise. In existence for four years and excited to be performing in the Harmony Sweeps for the first time. Fun Fact: considered changing their name for the Harmony Sweepstakes to: Random, Suddenly Six, and/or The Unexpecteds.
Members: James Clawson, Nate Scripps, Richard Driftmeier, Suman Annambhotla, Curtis Brookes, Derek Gilman

UltraSound No tasteless "spices" here. This all woman group has an intense sound, packed with vocal percussion and spectacular singing! UltraSound's extraordinary blend is the result of some serious vocal experience in pop, rock, R&B, jazz, and - hold on to your high notes - even opera. UltraSound artfully blends these techniques into one very cool acapella groove. Year after year, Disney/MGM Studios in Orlando invites these four talented women to perform their acapella arrangements for thousands of captivated guests. But don't expect any sugarcoated singing from this group; UltraSound is the "real deal." So pucker up those ears and prepare to go weak in the knees!
Members: Ashley Locheed, Elisabeth Munizzii, Kathy Palazzolo, Jennifer Ustler

Yes, Virginia is Atlanta's newest women's a cappella singing group. Regionally recognized, Yes, Virginia has a repertoire that includes original material and blends fresh, all vocal interpretations of American standards with pop hits from five decades.
Members: Ginny, Brianne, Kirsten, Linda, Melissa, Signe, and Marcia

2001 Judges

Preston Moore - Moore and Moore Entertainment (Manages many of the acts on Evander Holyfield's Label)

Melissa Ellen - Jan Smith Studios (has worked with Usher, Matchbox 20, Brandi, etc.)

Lee Goldsmith - Jest For Fun Entertainment - One of the top booking agencies in the Southeast

Tim Brooks - Former director of Stone Mountain Barbershop Chorus, and sang lead for an International Barbershop championship quartet

RaeAnn Morgan - P7 Records


Winner represents the Southeast in the Harmony Sweepstakes Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition in Washington DC, and receives free transportation and lodging for the event.

Complete Atlanta results: 2000 - 1999

Interested in Competing?

We are always seeking groups who would like to compete in our events.

Groups of any style are welcome, but you must have between 3 and 7 members. We have a rule book which explains many of the details of the event, which you can see by clicking here. All groups must audition in order to compete. Generally this is done by sending a current tape and photo, although live auditions are sometimes arranged. The purpose of the audition is to make sure the group is appropriate for the Festival and to help the Director determine the performance order. Entry information for the 2000 Southeast Regional Competion can be found by clicking here. If a group has competed previously, the audition process may be waived. Please send tapes and photos to the regional director :

Kris Walker (Atlanta) - The Southeast "Regional" is co-sponsored by LiveWire ( http://www.livewireworld.com ), and Maestro Storm Productions ( http://www.maestro-storm.com ). LiveWire and Maestro-Storm productions form a solid foundation from having over 20 combined years of experience in all facets of the music industry, with a specific emphasis on a cappella music. The Southeast Sweeps has made great strides from the days of its inception and is proud to be the newest member of the Harmony-Sweepstakes family. Our goal is to bring together the sweeping variety of vocal music that exists in the Southeast under the Harmony-Sweepstakes blanket in the hopes of sharing this dynamic style of music with the masses. In the process, we guarantee an amazing show for our audience and a lasting, and even more amazing experience for our performers.

Kris Walker
510 Birch Forest Lane

Alpharetta, GA 30005

The Harmony Sweepstakes National A Cappella Festival
PO Box D
San Anselmo, CA 94979
(415) 455-8602

2002 Southeast Regional

Saturday, February 9rd 8PM


The Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals 2001

If you were there in San Rafael on May 5th, 2001, you know what an incredible show this was. Eight of the best groups in the world, Sixth Wave, Voice Trek, Freestyle, Vox Bop, So Rare, T Minus 5, 4:2:5 and Eclipse, on stage for 12 incredible minutes each, the show hilariously hosted by last year's winner, Toxic Audio. The sellout (always) audience was blown away by one amazing performance after another, ranging from the ridiculous, T Minus 5šs side-splitting "Red Neck Avenger" and Freestyle's very funny "Paper Doll," to the unbelievable, Vox Bop's genre-hopping commentary on all things a cappella, "Slinky Variations," and Voice Trek's tour-de-force "William Tell Overture;" to the sublime, So Rare's "Ainšt Misbehavinš and 4:2:5's "Still The One." In the end, the judges had a difficult choice, and went with Los Angele'š Sixth Wave, whose "Grazin' in the Grass" and "Mambo" are representative of their wonderful vocal jazz set. Add two songs by Toxic Audio, which makes 18, and you have a barn-burner CD of one of the best a cappella shows of all time. Wow!
x2001C CD $14.98

National Finals 2000

The professionalism of the competing groups becomes more impressive with each passing year! Each and every ensemble that graces the stage with their talent has something special, and each group is distinct in its own way. Of course the contemporary and jazz groups are always popular - and in fact, Toxic Audio, the contemporary/jazz quintet from Florida, took first place, and another mixed jazz quintet, Bay Area favorites +4 db, were third - but, in addition, we feature the Perfect Gentlemen, a barbershop group from Los Angeles (2nd place), and the Total Experience Gospel Choir. Of course, 1999 champs, and your hosts, the contemporary Christian septet, Seven, perform two songs, and their virtuosity is undeniable. Audience favorites the Exboyfriends (who have won this category in previous New York regionals, flexing their performance muscles), swagger with Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On," while the reconstituted All Star Vocal Band (formerly the 17th Ave. All Stars) cover Journey and Stevie Wonder. Live Wire and Chapter Six represent the hot retro swing craze. It's a panoply of sound!
2000 CD 14.98

National Finals 1999

This year's program was the most diverse and exciting yet. Filled with emerging groups, as well as Sweepstakes favorites such as Chicago Voice Exchange, the competition was intense indeed. Seven, from New York, garnered top honors, with their intricate and multi-textured voicings, heard to best advantage on "Bridge Over Troubled Water"; the group's arrangements are expanding the universe of sound. Taking second place were the Standards, five brothers whose onstage appeal and energy charmed everyone. Minimum Wage's outrageous humor, as exemplified by "The Last Cowboy Song," had the audience begging for mercy (or more?) Other musical highlights include the ringing tones of last year's champs, Metropolis (a barbershop quartet), the Euphorics, with "Message In A Bottle" and Pickup 6's medley of Beatles favorites.
2999 CD 14.98

The Very Best Of The Harmony Sweepstakes

Founded in 1985 to bring vocal music to the community, the Harmony Sweepstakes has become a recognized and sought-after showcase for professional (and aspiring) a cappella groups. This CD, compiled by Welles Goodrich, features the finest examples of talent and accomplishment that the competition has to offer, and represents a variety of styles: contemporary, as expected, but also pristine barbershop, sultry vocal jazz and classic soul. On the lighter side, "Marooned In A Blizzard Of Lies" and "Yakko's World" tickle the funny bone. "Johnny" (17th Ave. All Stars), "You Win" (Accidentals), "Rawhide" (Trenchcoats) are included, as well as winning tracks from Metropolis, SoVoSo and m-pact; but in addition, Quintessence ("Sign Your Name"), Beachfront Property ("Straighten Up and Fly Right") and "Ladder" from the (sadly) now defunct all so jimmy. Capture all of the excitement and intensity of live performance - this CD is the next best thing to being there!

2995 CD 14.98

National Finals '98

We are fortunate indeed to have assembled such a truly talented group of finalists for the 1998 Harmony Sweeps. Winners Metropolis, the barbershop quartet from Southern California, sing "Some Lucky Day" and the entertaining "Yakko's World." Audience favorite (and second-place finishers) +4dB begin the festivities with "In A Mellow Tone" and also perform the Real Group's "Chile Con Carne." Other groups include Canadians the Heebee-jeebees, catalog favorites Blind Man's Bluff, Ball in the House and Acapelicans (from Australia), Cool Shooz and the third place winners, the Sweet Adelines' quartet City Lights. Bonus performance: An improvised jam by our evening's hosts, SoVoSo. Songlist

Listen to: Metropolis Yakko's World +4db In A Mellow Tone Acappelicans The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

2998 CD 14.98

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