1999 Pacific Northwest Regional Winners:

The Standards

The Standards are five Williams brothers from Twin Falls, Idaho singing R&B, Doo-wop, 50’s-60’s jazz, and their original material. They have been singing together as a group since 1994. Jordon is known for his rich tenor voice and extraordinary range. One of his passions is motor cycles and he owns a Harley Davidson, which he built from scratch. Morgan writes most of the original music and creates the artwork for the group, including album designs and promotional material. Nicholas is The Standards’ bass. He is the “comedy of the group,” known for his sense of humor. He is guaranteed to touch the lighter side of the audience. Nathan adds character to the performances with his distinctive voice and original choreography. His dream is to dance professionally in a major Broadway musical. Quinn gives strength to The Standards with his dynamic vocal quality and personal enthusiasm. His interests include roller-blading, snow-boarding, and bothering Morgan if he has nothing else to do in the day. All five brothers are eagle scouts and range in age from 24 to 17.