1996 Pacific Northwest Regional Winners:


M-Pact is the hip, fresh sound of a cappella music today. This versatile quintet brings years of individual experience together in one power-packed group that tackles many styles of music and, through their writing, create a few of their own. Any member could have an M-Pact on you at anytime. It could be Carl's heart-wrenching gospel sound, Matthew's mind-blowing vocal percussion, Jonathan's powerful tenor, Marco's energetic and powerful command on stage, or Trist's boomin bass. Since forming in the summer of 1995, M-Pact has been very active recording albums and performing stadium shows worldwide! OkÉsoÉnot quite that active, but what they have accomplished is amazing. They won the Pacific Northwest Regional Harmony Sweepstakes, performed at the Jimi Hendrix Festival in Seattle, the A Cappella Summit in San Francisco, as well as many schools and corporate events. They're sure to have an M-Pact on you too!

1996 Pacific Northwest Regional: Second Place
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The Edge

1996 Pacific Northwest Regional: Third Place
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