2012 Chicago Regional Winners:

Rooftop Rhythm

Rooftop Rhythm began in Spring of 2010 when Jacob, Nate, and Ashley began looking for a bass singer to complete the group. After a short search, Steve was brought into the fold and things took off. The quartet honed their style through practice, recreation, and a rough two weekends roofing a garage. Sure, Steve nailed JakeÕs jeans to the roof, but the quartet survived and became close friends and hard workers. In July, their hard work paid off when they finished 49th in the world at the Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention. Rooftop Rhythm has sung in many venues, including contests, barbershop shows, corporate meetings, sporting events, and private functions. ItÕs rare for these four gentlemen to turn down the opportunity to show folks how great a cappella music can be. With a varied repertoire that includes barbershop, jazz, opera, Americana, and gospel, youÕre sure to find something you like