1998 Chicago Regional Winners:

Blind ManŐs Bluff

David Wilner, Nick Geisinger, Chaz Ruhl, and Drew Breen and Blind Man's Bluff, Chicago's premier a cappella rock group. Performing together since January, 1997, this foursome quickly gained national recognition as the "vocal powerhouse" of Midwest. In the fall of '97, Bluff released their debut CD, Shades, which will be available following the show. This year, they are continuing their national tour, bringing their stylish cross of R&B and modern rock to audiences across the country. Performing everywhere from a cramped collegiate coffee house to opening for the Chicago Bulls at the United Center, Blind Man's Bluff exhibits a universal appeal which has become their trademark.

1998 Chicago Regional: Second Place
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Poor BakerŐs Dozen

1998 Chicago Regional: Third Place
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The Shaggy Boys